Anyone had OC surgery??

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Dads due in next week and just want to hear how others felt when waking up and how long did you stay in hospital for and how is everything now?

  • Hi Nic

    I had my surgery a few years ago now but I understand that things haven’t changed so much.

    When I woke I was propped up bed, no pain just very groggy and sleepy.

    My wife and son visited me that evening. They had been prepared for lots of wires, tubes and drains but it was still a bit of a shock! I was quite calm (probably the medication) and learned to trust the nursing staff completely. They had me out of bed for a little walk along the HDU, then I spent a little time sitting out of bed. 

    Time passed and the days were marked by the removal of this or that tube. Breathing exercises were important. I found visitors tiring.

    i was ready to go home when I was discharged on day 10, having proved that I could walk the length of the ward corridor and manage stairs.

    I think it’s usual to go home with a jej feeding tubes these days. My mobility improved day by day. My digestive system was pretty much in revolt for a few months, and recovery was slow. Things continued to improve for a couple of years, but I didn’t let that stop me from my travels. 
    I had found a contentment and happiness I hadn’t expected. 
    it’s tough on family, but actually for me it wasn’t so bad!

    I hope this helps

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Hi Nic 123, I had my op in September. My recovery is much along the lines of how BrentS describes his. I woke up after nine hours on the intensive care ward where I stayed for a day or so and was then moved to a single room on the step down ward for a day and was then moved across the corridor to a for man ward.

    Your pain is managed very well by the nurses. You only have to mention any pain and they're there giving you something extra to help. It is uncomfortable with all the pipes and wires etc but I tended to sleep a lot which passes the time while your healing.

    The physios have you up and out of bed very quickly which is quite sore and tiring but I was happy to be up and sitting in a chair by the window at the side of my bed actually cheered me up and made me feel better..

    Click on my name above and it will take you to my profile which I wrote as a record of my journey, I hope it helps.

    Good luck. You'll be fine but it takes time to get over such major surgery.

    Best regards


  • I am 5 weeks post Surgery (29th December). I woke up in intensive care (standard procedure) Felt very comfortable and was well looked after. I was also painless as I had an epidural pump and a morphine PCA pump that I capsule press whenever I needed. I was fully conscious and talking straight after. I had 2 chest drains, an NG tube, a central line in my neck, a Jejunostomy feeding tube and a catheter. 
    I was moved to the upper GI ward the following day where I was out of bed and straight in a chair. Physiotherapists came around and took me for assisted walks straight away. After daily improvements I was discharged after 7 days with medications and diet advice. 
    At home was challenging at first, with most basic things, toilet, showering etc, but after a few days I was in to the swing of it. Eating was strange at first, becoming full after just a few mouthfuls of a yoghurt. 5 weeks later and I am eating well and feel hungry again. I eat small portions but quite often and I think I can get used to it like this. I am still on a soft diet, however I have been eating harder things but chewing them into a puree in my mouth before swallowing. 

    Pain wise I still ache a little bit around the right rear of my ribcage, where they had the chest drain in, however it is only an ache and doesn’t need any pain killers. I have a bit of nerve damage from this scar that migrates around the front and especially to my right Pec area. It’s a strange sensation and does feel painful at times. 
    I also have a persistent dry cough which doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I am actually going to post about it to see if others have experienced this. 
    In all honesty, 6 weeks ago I was pretty scared and actually thought it was going to be exponentially worse than it actually was. Dad will be fine. Just take a day at a time and listen to his body. All the very best 

  • Hi Gareth thank you for coming back to me, I’m glad your doing so well, it’s lovely to hear positive things to help keep myself and family positive xxxx 

  • Thanks Geo! Really appreciate the comment!! It helps to hear how others have got on!! And what to expect over the next few weeks for me and my family xxx 

  • Hi Brent thanks for commenting …. I really appreciate it!! I’m glad you’re doing well hopefully I can help dad feel better if I understand it all and can speak to him when he’s ready xxxx