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Hi my husband had an Ivor Lewis procedure 6 1/2 months ago, he also had a tumour removed from his bowel and a resection with no stoma, so basically two major operations in one. Recovery has been very slow as he was not able to have a feeding tube and therefore has lost an incredible amount of weight, has been very poorly. Just over a week ago he woke up feeling very unwell and has had a lot of diarrhoea and nausea. We have seen dr who gave him medication for the diarrhoea and have also seen our consultant who does not think its anything serious but has arranged a scan.

the reason for me posting is that he has also had an extremely noisy stomach, gurgling and what sound like fluid whooshing around just after he eats something, then he has to go to toilet. Consultant who is the upper GI Dr said could even be a stomach bug…..we do look after our 2 year old grandson who goes to nursery and always picks up some bug or other. We have yet to be followed up by the colorectal team which I find strange as am sure should have had follow up by now..
has anyone else experienced this loud gurgling etc please and if so what have you done about it.

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  • I'm sorry to read your poor husband is feeling so unwell. I had an Ivor Lewis oesophegtomy last October, and sometimes get a 'gurgly tummy' after food. This usually transpires to be just wind eventually, but on a couple of occasions has resulted in dumping syndrome.

    When I've had dumping (which I had in hospital too, after every drink of Fortisip they made me drink) this made me feel very ill, very quickly, and the diarrhoea and stomach cramps are awful. My tummy started off making the noises then very quickly expelled what it didn't like. Has dumping ever been mentioned to you? I was pre-warned a lot about it, and have learned what my triggers are (Fortisip being the main one, but also anything very milky).

    I hope your hubby feels better soon. Having come so far it must feel rotten, and also worrying.

  • Thank you Nicky. Yes we have been told about dumping and he does have also. And he can not tolerate the Fortisip. I agree he does need to keep a record of what foods make him worse and he does get a lot of wind. Your experience sounds very much what my husband  describes. We have seen the consultant who didn’t think it was ant thing sinister but sent him for scan which has shown up something in bowel, on left side this time of so now we have another appt. I feel so sorry for him and it is such a worry. Best wishes to you Jacky

  • When I had my PET scan they found what they called a 'hot spot' in my bowel too. I had to have a colonoscopy, which was SO painful and unpleasant, especially the stuff to clear the bowel. However, the colonoscopy revealed nothing untoward at all, no polyps or anything inflammatory, and I was given the all clear straightaway.

    I asked what the hot spot could be, and they didn't really know. They just said that scans can throw up anomalies sometimes, and they need to be investigated.

    I really do hope this is the case for your hubby. I can only sympathise with how you must be feeling, I was so scared. At least if he's got an appointment and hopefully some sort of investigation procedure, it can eliminate anything sinister or at least catch it early enough to be treatable. Wishing you luck going forward. x

  • Thankyou Nicky x