Yellow Skin Meaning

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My husband is being treated for oral thrush with liquid Fluconazole. Since we started the course of antibiotics he has stopped eating. I try to keep him hydrated with the soft drinks he likes because he refuses water but hus urine is still dark almost reddy brown. I give him as many protein drinks he will take but the constant reflux means he brings a lot of it up again. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. This morning my husband's skin has turned yellow. Does this mean the cancer has now spread to the liver. 

French Hen

  • If your husband has yellow pee does his eyes look yellow too.I had yellow pee and Doctor said I was Jaundiced and sent me to A&E where a Scan revealed I had a Gallstone stuck in my Bile Duct,My Bilirubin ( Should be below 21) was up to 242, the 6mm stone was removed 10 days later.Also Doctor stopped my EMPAGLIFOZIN medication as it caused Thrush.

    Wishing you both the best.

  • Thank you Tigertops . He is now in hospital on a drip and and waiting for the results of blood and urine tests taken last night. He goes to radiology on Monday morning to see if the cancer has spread.