Oesophageal cancer and immunotherapy

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Hi. I am new to the forum.  I have stage 4 oesophageal cancer. I was down to have surgery but a scan a week before showed my tumour had grown and the cancer has begun to spread. I am due to start immunotherapy in the new year and wondered if anybody has been down this path and found it effective. 


  • Hello   A warm welcome to the online Community and I am so sorry to read of your diagnosis.  I have just come across your post and noticed you have not had any answers to your question. (I can't answer it myself as I have a different cancer). By me responding your post will be "bumped" up to the top of the forum and will be seen by other Community members and I hope you receive some answers to your question.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Hi Suelly, i also have Stage 4 oesophagal cancer which has spread to my lungs. Found out beginning of November and had one round of chemo, next one starting next week. No immunotherapy yet but may get later. Stay positive!

  • Hi Rosiecat. I am sorry that you are in a similar position to me. Can I ask what treatment, if any,  you have been offered. I've also had quite a bit pain since they put in a stent, which enabled me to eat and drink. I think that some of the pain is from the tumour? Do you have any pain from yours? How do you manage this? I understand if would rather not talk about it   


  • Hi Suelly. I don/t need a stent, just have to be careful what I eat to avoid discomfort. In fact  I  never hear of them until I joined this forum. Just shows how much I have to learn. I have to spend one day in hospital on chemo drip, every three weeks and the rest of time on chemo tablets. Maximum 6 rounds I believe. There will be tests in between.

  • Hi Rosiecat. I had 4 cycles of chemo which finished at the end of August.  It was tough but certainly reduced the pain and initially shrunk the tumour. However it was then discovered that the cancer had spread unfortunately.  I wish you lots of luck with your treatment and I'll let you know how my immunotherapy goes!