Gallblader removal after treatment

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Has anyone had to have there gallbladder removed after there ivor Lewis 

op if so how  did it affect you going forward and have you had any side effects thanks . 

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    I’m sorry no-one has yet come along with the relevant experience for you, but I just wanted to give you my own positive experience though I had a different cancer. 

    I’ve had a total pelvic exenteration, so all of the organs in my pelvis were removed a few years ago. This year I suffered from a blocked bile duct, so had my gallbladder removed in September. Although my surgeon was concerned it might be a complex procedure due to my previous surgery, he was able to do keyhole surgery. 

    I was kept in hospital for 3 nights but just for observation in case of complications, because I’d suffered from pancreatitis before after an unsuccessful attempt to unblock my bile duct, but it all went very well. I had significant adhesions internally from my previous surgery-lots of things were stuck together, but afterwards I only had some discomfort (mainly from my abdominal drain which stayed in for a week) and 3 incisions. I recovered really well and very quickly, which actually surprised me! 

    I’ve had no side effects at all from the op, and was discharged from my gastro surgeon in November-he was very pleased with how well things had gone. All in all I found it very straightforward, and I hope things go well for you.

    Sarah xx

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