Noddy Holder

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I expect most of us on here have seen recently that Slade legend Noddy Holder has recently had his 5 year clear results for oesophageal cancer. I know for me, this was a real feel good story as he went from being given 6 months to live, to having chemo then being pronounced clear. It really buoyed me up Slight smile

It's been reported he had 'pioneering' treatment 5 years ago... would this have been FLOT? I know FLOT is a relatively new chemo for us. I'm just curious what he had, or if there's another positive and new treatment in the pipeline for oesophageal cancer patients.

Thank you Noddy for highlighting this much misunderstood cancer Heart

  • I’m no pioneer. I went through the old ECX chemo, then Ivor Lewis and a very short attempt at post surgery ECX.

    Chemo and rehabilitation have improved in recent years. However today I am celebrating 3,580 days cancer free (almost ten years!)

    Suffering a little from survivor’s guilt, but feeling blessed.

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • The implication is that he was cured without any surgery. I wonder what the details of his disease were. Likewise, it would be nice to know the complete details of the 'pioneering' treatment.