Hair loss and eating

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Recommendation for head wear and wigs please. My scalp is very sore, with spots/sores, anyone else experience this. I have just ordered some good, natural ingredients shampoo. 

I am missing food so much, I have just had my 2nd round, I am having carbo and etoposide. I have shakes, porridge and then I try different bits and it is hit and miss if it stays down.. I haven’t tried much since my 2nd last week, mostly because of nausea and lack of appetite. I  am aware what my mind is wondering also, does no improvement with eating mean the chemo has not worked. I tell myself everyone is different of course.. 

thanks in advance for any recommendations, tips or advice  

Jennie SparklesYellow heart

  • Jennie,

    Have you tried beanie hats and headscarves  for chemo/ alopecia? They are very soft, not like a wig that can irritate your scalp.

    Initially, I thought I would get a wig, especially for work. Reading around, and listening to the advice and experience of friends who wore wigs for theatre, I decide against it.

    Beanies and scarves are soft and can be very colourful. I was very happy with them. The added bonus is that you can wear them even when you have your hair back. 

    I hope this helps


  • Thank you SeaSurf, the search begins