All the different Post treatment side effects

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I’m thinking it might be helpful if everyone would list the post treatment side effects to help others relate or settle worries they may have ? 
there seems to be more to recovery than just dumping syndrome. 
I think most of us have gone through pains and symptoms that has got us thinking the worst ie is this cancer back . 
I understand we are all different but I’m sure we can relate to others experiences and healing  and hopefully help each other through . 
thank mark 

  • Hi Mark, Welcome to the Forum, one you probrably wished you didn't have to be on, I haven't had the operation but am in remmission from OS cancer, I am replying so that others who have gone through your ordeal will most likely come on with their experiences, it may help if you re-enter what stage you are at and a little more information such as possible other treatments - Chemo and RT as all the treatments add to the recovery experience

    As I say please come back and others will be able to help

    Don't worry though always inform your Medical Team of any problem you are having because shaw enough they will have heard it before

    Take care and hope this helps a little- also you may find this helpful :

    Best wishes Tony

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  • HI Mark

    My partner is 1 and half years post op it has flew by, he has severe dumping a lot even when trying to control the foods.  Most nights he chokes during the night and throws up yellow orange bile for a while which burns for ages.  Sleeping upright is difficult as when he drifts off he tends to slide down the bed again then he chokes.  On top of this walking is hard he gets out of breath so easy and is exhaused a lot.  

    Also when he eats his stomach swells way out and goes hard as a brick.  He cant go back to work still, we thought it would have settled down by now and every day Im worrying its back or why is he so ill at times.  He goes back to bed during the day which had stopped after a few months but started again as he cant last.

    Some days are better than others eh

  • Hi Sam Iv been following your guys progress for a while as i would use the gym for muscle workouts  prior to my diagnosis and have been impressed by his ability to regain his weight . 
    I can understand the night time chocking and the horrible acid  Iv found a hot milk a few hours before bed has helped  and a pillow under my knees helps me from slipping down . 
    I to lost a lot of weight and my muscles during treatment and after chemotherapy stoped in June I started light training again but nothing to heavy and riding my bike most morning first thing realy helps start my day of . 
    I don’t ride to far either just enough to get a nice feeling .
    my weight hasn’t gained much at all but my body shape has improved just by the light workouts . 
    Im finding I can walk and cycle more  now as a I’m not carrying so much body weight maybe your guy could change his routine  he may not get so  tired if he’s carrying  much less muscle I honestly believe  this is working for myself . This is a hard illness to recover from physically and mentally . 
    good luck to you both 

  • Hi Samantha sorry to hear your partner is still having problems so long after the op. My op is scheduled for December 29th unless Petscan yesterday reveals better news. 

    Can I ask what dumping is as I guess this happens after surgery. I'm sure my surgery team will tell me everything nearer the time but like to get other people's advice too as it helps prepare.

    Best wishes


  • HI Mark thank you for this I will speak to him tonight about this, we were at the hopsital yesterday for a review and one thing he said was "if I lose weight...well...lets say i cant handle that part"... he does have issues thinking hes too skinny as im sure you know yourself going from a certain shape to a lot smaller is very difficult he dosnt cope well, but it may just be how it has to go as the choking at night is very draining, prob brought on by the wrong foods or too much food I think.

  •    we weren't told about dumping I found out on this forum tbh, my partner doesn't read anything. 

    So basically sometimes if you et too much or some foods that dont agree with you anymore you can get either vomiting or diareha  right after.  Sometimes a little sometimes very badly but everyone is different and some people dont get it at all.  

    Its a bit like a diabetic having drops in sugar levels, he goes shaky and sweaty then has to run to the bathroom and the only way to stop the shakes is by sweets, fizzy juice etc which is a bit strange.  We cant seem to work out exactly why its happening or why its getting worse again as it had calmed down a lot maybe 5/6 months ago.  

    From today he has to keep a food dairy and write how he feels to see if we can figure it out.

    Hopefully you wont have any of these issues tho, just try get through the operation best you can first Slight smile

  • Hi Samantha thank you for that it's really helpful to know what might happen after the op. Like you say will get through op first and hopefully won't get any of that

    Awaiting scan results which will determine whether I have an op or not

    Thank you and hope your partner gets better soon

    Best wishes 


  • Hi Sam yes I do understand the  feeling of your body changes and feeling like you have lost your form . 
    I had to learn to accept the way it is at least for now and get use to it and be thankful that I’m still here ! 
    I believe if he is realy trying to pack weight on constantly with the food he is probably overeating which Iv found creats   the dumping  as Iv done the same thing . 
    It’s allso  mentally tireing trying to constantly  chase your weight . 
    man I correct in thinking he’s had ivore Lewis operation. 

  • Good luck I hope it all goes well for you