Endoscopy and stretching

I’m just wondering if anyone else is having the above, I had my surgery in 2020 and got back to eating fairly well, smaller amounts obviously but I was as happy as I could be. Then during 2021 after I had eaten I was getting really horrible pain, it felt like whatever I ate was trying to squeeze through a very small hole. My surgeon said there was some narrowing at the surgery site so I had an endoscopy and stretch which helped a great deal. My last one was in November 2021 when I had a stretch and Botox, this lasted very well but in July of this year the pain started again, when I described my symptoms to the nurse she said I probably needed another stretch which I had yesterday. But in the discharge summary the consultant said he would not be doing anymore, I’m puzzled by this as it gives me relief from pain when eating. Does anyone else have a similar experience, I would be interested to know.

  • Hi , in my circumstance o have had 5 . But they can't do anymore due to my oesophagus has got to thin.

    This is only my experience so please don't think this is happening as this isn't ment to worry you. I also was gonna have a stent put in but my tumour has regrowth,  also spread into my lungs. I am awaiting to start immunotherapy and chemo which I'm not looking forward too as I know what to expect after having radio and chemo last year. AGAIN this is just what's going on with me . You are best speaking to your specialist to put your mind at rest .

    Good luck xx

  • HI, did you ask why you cant have anymore?

    Mu partner has had a bout 8 his surgery was May 22 they only help him for a few fays he said not much different after, he seems to get them about 3 months apart roughly