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I was diagnosed with advanced and incurable oesophageal cancer on 18th May this year. Untreatable and with a prognosis of 6 months. I feel pretty sure I'm going to exceed that, but I wonder if someone would kindly point me in the direction of a forum for people in my situation who are approaching an ending?

Also, what are others' experience of Hyoscine Butylbromide? I was prescribed it to combat the constant regurgitation of that horrible white, stringy phlegm that afflicts many of us with OG. It doesn't seem to make any difference, but should I persevere?

Finally, I posted a while back with a query about types of enteral feeding methods. The helpful answers helped me to decide on a PEG and I'm pleased to say that I've had no problems at all with it, apart from a few teething troubles at the beginning.

Wishing everyone on their own journeys here the very best. Strength and fortitude!