I've decided to unsubscribe for a while form here. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy which has been up and down .I am due to have the operation shortly provided the PET  scan is ok, which given the months they took before they started treatment is I guess not a done thing. But reading the nightmare problems people have been having after the operation has kind of made me dread it and made fell quite depressed about the future afterwards. And so maybe I'll come back afterwards once the problems kick in. I realise it does work for some people and they probably aren't on here but I think for my mental health I need to try and keep a little hope for the future. So wish everyone the best and I'll probably be back after the operation.


  • Good luck Bill.

    Please click on my profile which I have written as a diary. I am a little in front of you having had my op. We are all different but it may help.

    Best regards