Bloody fuming

I had my head around it all on my first diagnosis,  but when I was told I responded well. I thought shit yeah.  Not my time yet . 

Then the lung , day of feeling sorry for myself.  But Yeah can do this. But new tumour aswell. .. well I'm sorry for my language,  but at the moment it's Fuck me ...just passed off

  • Hi Marcia, what awful news to get.

    We all understand how you feel I'm sure most of us have been through the darker moments of diagnosis and treatment.

    There's nothing I can do but to say vent your feelings on here if it helps. If you've done it once you can do it again. Get that old positive mental attitude back and go kick it's arse.

    We're all behind you.

    Best regards 


  • Hi Marcia 

    I’m so sorry about the situation you find yourself in .I hope you have lots of support from family and friends…..What you are going through is massive …,Take time to process it all but never give up ..Keep fighting are stronger than you think .

    Everyone on this group is behind you too 

    Sending positivity and strength your way 

    regards J x