Vitamins and supplements

are there any specific vitamins and supplements that are advisable to take after  operation -treatment has completed  . 
preferably over the counter purchase . 

  • Hi Mark,

    Any supplement drinks can be on prescription and now they should be free so no need to spend money. Take advice from your consultant and dietitian as I was told to stop taking multi vitamins during chemo.

    They will give you the best advice for your situation as everyone is different.

    What I would advise is to eat as well as you can before treatment and build yourself up, you will lose weight.

    All the best and good luck

  • Thanks hull thanks for reply  Iv completed my treatment  but not with the nhs  so after care isn’t as readily available . I was told to take multivitamins but I know some on here have b12  injections and iron tablets . 

  • Hi Mark,

    I just take one a day multivitamins, D3, plus iron tablets from the docs and a three monthly injection of B12 from the docs too.

    That's only my recommended after care because my cancer was low down and required a two thirds removal of my stomach. This obviously means that the remaining stomach cannot extract these substances in sufficient amounts.

    I would think if they don't touch your stomach this would be different. They'll tell you at hospital after surgery so don't worry about it.

    Best regards


  • I had a couple of iron infusions during treatment and put on vit D and B12 but this was stopped when treatment ended.

    My dietician advised I take a over the counter multivitamin, I choose a chewable one, and she wrote to my GP and asked that I have blood tests every 3 months to check if I need any other supplements.  So far I have been fine.

  • Hi Mark

    1. My husband has recently had his Operation and the hospital have advised a daily suplement in tablet form for life long. A supermarket own brand of A-Z multivitamin and minerals I got some in Tesco) another example was Sanatogen A-Z Complete. Hope this helps. 
  • Hi Mark, 

    I was prescribed forceval tablets post-op. Mine was squamous cell at the oesophageal stomach junction so only a third of my stomach was removed and they said this wouldn’t cause pernicious anaemia so B12 injection not needed.Hope you are doing okay

    All the best!