Reactions to food and drink post op

Does anyone have any reactions to different foods and drinks post op ? 
ever since my operation in march I found I get headaches after eating certain foods and drinks . 
It’s taken me months to work out what’s causing this but Iv established that just drinking water is giving me headaches all the time , even if I haven’t had food for hours , this makes life quite difficult as knowing just a simple brink will make me feel bad and miserable . am I alone here if not has anyone found a way round this . 

  • Hello. I am having reactions too, but I am pre-op (op due in a couple of weeks time). I also can't tolerate just water, it tastes vile and like drinking something acidic. I have to put Ribena or Barley Water squash in it, which is absolutely fine then. Weird! I also can't eat nectarines (can eat all other fruit though, and fruit juice), and can't eat rice in any form! Isn't it strange? I was rather hoping post-op this may resolve, but perhaps not going on what you have noticed. Maybe try a very weak squash if you haven't already? I'd be interested how you get on with that.