Dad's post op eating issues

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Hi all

My dad continues to have issues around eating certain foods since his surgery 8 weeks ago. I think he's starting to find that foods he once enjoyed eating are now sadly no longer suitable. Earlier today he ate a cheese and ham toastie (a ready made one that requires heating and a bit thicker than normal bread) but he almost choked on it! Quite frightening and upsetting too. He had to make himself sick to unblock it. He had similar trouble with an apple crumble pudding (he didn't choke, but the pastry was quite thick.) It's clear that bread and pastry foods are not suitable for him now.

Just wondered if anyone else has had eating issues since surgery? Is there a way around it? We were told that after surgery the tissue can tighten as its healing and I've heard about dilation to help stretch the new oesophagus. Could this be an option?

It's awful to see dad struggling with foods as getting him to eat enough is already hard. But if anyone has been through something similar I'd be glad of the advice. We are visiting the hospital tomorrow anyway (relating to his jej tube) but I was planning to mention the eating to dad's specialist nurse when we're there.

  • Thank you JacPop.

  • Thanks JacPop. Yeah I think it nay be something dad might need to have done in the coming weeks. Dilation wasn't explained to us before dads surgery. It's only since he had some difficulty swallowing bread etc that we found out that this can happen. What exactly are some of the risks involved? It was mentioned that it would involve another endoscopy, but the doctor said it would only take around 15mins for the procedure.

  • Thanks JPM, yes it is and I can’t imagine how it has all been for him. Your right it is early days and we have appt with consultant today and an appointment has come through for him to have a dilation this week too so hopefully all this will help x

  • Hi

    They will go through the risks before the procedure but the main one is the risk of a tear.  On my second dilation the area did begin to tear so they stopped and booked me back in for about six weeks later.  As you say it is another endoscopy with a balloon which they inflate when in the right place.  You also have to be careful to only eat soft foods for a couple of days after.  I was told that it is normal for most people to need at least once.

    Good luck