Dental work advice

Having completed all treatments flot Ivor Lewis and flot June 23 Iv lost a tooth today  should I consult my oncologist about getting dental treatment or are there any rules ? 

  • I had a tooth infection straight after my first round of FLOT, when I was found to be neutropenic! I was admitted to hospital for a week on antibiotics, but had the offending tooth taken out by the Maxillofacial unit while I was there. I've luckily had no repercussions since, all has healed nicely, and no more pain or infection. Obviously my oncologist was informed at the time, but I've not needed any further discussions or treatment for it. Dentists are supposed to give urgent priority to cancer patients, but mine refused to see me hence treatment by Maxillofacial... which turned out for the better in my case. As you've already finished treatment, I'd approach your dentist in the first instance and tell them you're a cancer patient. Hopefully they will see you! 

  • I broke my tooth during treatment but waited until my last chemo was finished before seeing the dentist.  My dentist told me I needed a root canal but due to the type of chemo I had he was only willing to do a filling due to the risk of infection.

    it appears they can treat you but are very mindful of infection which may limit your treatment options.

    hope you get it sorted.