Oesophageal cancer

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My husband has recently come home from hospital after a diagnosis of oesophageal cancer and a T3. The hospital team were unable to fit a stent as it wouldn't hold and so he is unable to eat anything but soft foods. At the moment he's not eating anything just drinking plenty of fluids and ensure drinks which in itself is presenting problems of incontinence.

We have community carers visiting twice a day and the District Nurse has visited but I am so very worried as I feel that he has simply been sent home to die. I will need to return to work at some point and am extremely worried and anxious merely of the thought of that day.

He is type 2 diabetic who also injects insulin and numerous other conditions and during his time in hospital was taken off all but 1 dose of insulin and his inhaler for COPD, and given no metformin, ramipril, or any of his other blood pressure medication, kidney medication or any other. I've no idea what we can do moving forward and the hospital oesophageal team seemed to dismiss any kind of treatment until we pushed to see an oncologist. A decision made by my husband not to receive treatment when he was very confused was never questioned and he was never asked if he felt differently now that he is of sound mind.

I am hoping that my husband will be more mobile when the time comes for his appointment as, as yet, he's stayed in his bed due to his lengthy and debilitating attempt to climb the stairs, exacerbated since he had a dramatic 4 stone weight loss in as many months . I'm hoping that he will become more mobile as just being with our dog  will do him the world of good and he will have something more to look forward to. 

  • So sorry to hear your husband is i in this situation ..It must be extremely difficult for you both  .I’m sure the oncologist can arrange to contact you by phone if your husband isn’t able to visit the hospital or maybe the community nurse could arrange a wheelchair and transport for you ..It sounds like you have a lot of unanswered questions which need answering .

    Sincerely hoping your situation improves soon 

    regards J 

  • Thank you for your support. This is indeed very difficult for us both and your kindness and advice is appreciated. Thank you Heart️