Does swallowing improve after FLOT?

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I have read a few people's experiences of swallowing improving quite soon after starting FLOT chemo, and was wondering if this is the case for most people?

I have had 2 rounds so far, another 2 to go before my operation, and haven't noticed any difference yet.

I am managing food fairly well anyway, and am finding out what I can and can't eat, but yearn for a roast dinner! I can manage chicken, mash and fresh veg with lots of gravy, but not roasties or beef in any guise yet, and highly suspect it'll be a while before I can eat my favourite bacon and egg sandwich too. 

I'd be interested to hear other's experiences please... and thank you.

  • Like you I didn't notice any difference in swallowing after two FLOTs. I carried on with mashed potato and cheese and protein drinks.  It was after the chemo and while waiting for the operation that I found I could eat again. The morning of the operation I had a breakfast sandwich - bacon egg mushroom and sausage  in a bun. Got into Newcastle for the op and had a quick wrap of the day. Well, they had told me to try and put weight on!

    My FLOT was apparently very successful taking the tumour from T3 to T1.  Sadly, although I can now eat anything I have lost my taste for fried breakfasts, curries, and fish and chips...

  • Wow, T3 to T1, that's wonderful 

  • Wow, I'm so pleased you went from T3 to T1 too! I can only wish mine will go the same way. I caught it early, T3 with no spread anywhere, so am hoping!

    And the fact you ate a sandwich pleases me and gives hope too lol. I love my food, and am missing eating what I like. I can't eat fried food in any way at the moment, and don't actually miss it too much, so that won't be a hardship. I tried some Chinese takeaway ar the weekend, which came straight back up, but it's the roasties I miss most... and pasta. I can't currently eat that either, as it seems to stick.

    Happy to wait until after chemo though, that little light at the end of the tunnel gives me hope, so thank you :-) 

  • Hi, I was lucky, my eating improved after the first week of FLOT, but as it progressed I lost my sense of taste. If I ate and something stuck I would go off and bring it back up then go back to eating my meal. After surgery I was nil by mouth for weeks so my sense of taste was non-existant but it did come back, the second round of FLOT ruined it again and now I never feel hungry but I enjoy food again and can eat anything I want. Just focus on getting through, eat what you can when you can, keep.your weight up and think of all the things you can eat when it's all over. 

  • Hi.  Just noticed your user name.  Can I ask if you had your op at Castle Hill?  If so, how did it go?  Any problems with the hospital?  My husband is due to have his op there in the next few weeks, hopefully.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, yes I had my operation at Castle hill, right in the middle of covid. I had Mr Jain as my surgeon, top man and him and his team looked after me. I was on ward 14 which is an old ward but the staff push you to get moving, dressed, showered etc. Everyone from the nursing staff, ICU and surgery team was brilliant. I had complications, I got an infection which kept me in ICU for 8 days and a leak from the new joint kept me on a feeding tube for weeks even at home. But it was all manageable and soon i was back eating. Couldn't wait for my first cup of tea. They will look after you, don't worry, it's frightening but do as your told and focus on the end goal. Don't worry.

  • Thank you.  That is very reassuring.

  • Hi glad to hear about your progress hope you are still well. I started my FLOT chemo at Castle Hill yesterday prior to surgery but am ready for the bumpy road ahead.