Constant vomitting

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My husband constantly vomits mostly clear mucus throughout the day but also part digested food at night in bed.  The hospital want to put a stent in his oesophagus but we have so far declined as he has no trouble swallowing and I have only read bad reports on thus forum. My husband has a history of rejecting foreign bodies such as hernia mesh and I am worried that he will find it unbearable. The hospital have prescribed Primperan anti-sickness pills but they don't seem to be working. Has anyone had any success with any other treatments for sickness?

regards French Hen

  • My dad’s stent helped him keep eating and he is still enjoying favourite foods 6 weeks later or more. He could not drink a teaspoon of water before having it. Continually sick with the mucus you talk about. Only you and your husband can make the decision but dad would probably not be here at home if he’d not had the stent. Find out more about it. 

  • My mum was diagnosed with inoperable oc in April, had a stent put in the beginning of june.. she too vomits mucous.. stent is clear but they think it may be the cancer pressing on the trachea.. she's refused any treatment so won't be able to find the cause, but maybe the same thing happening?