Preparing for Dad's surgery tomorrow

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Hi all

Today is the day Dad is admitted to hospital ahead of his oesophagectomy tomorrow. Feeling rather anxious. Just want Dad to be through it and starting his recovery. I've tried talking to him about it but he just says he's OK about it and just wants to 'get through it'.

I've been reading more about the after surgery part and particularly dumping syndrome, which doesn't sound nice, but then I have to stop myself and think first things first, let's get the surgery part done first.

Been helping dad to pack his hospital bag, but apart from the obvious things is there anything he should take? He takes a lot of heart meds and I'm taking those with him, even though he'll have to have his meds in liquid form when he has the jej tube fitted. I'm assuming that will be fitted during his surgery? Also is there anything I should be asking the nurses when they see us today? 

Very unsettling time and emotionally I'm all over the place (so goodness knows what dad's feeling!) but if anyone has any advice/tips for getting through tomorrow and the days to follow, I'll be glad to hear them. Thanks, Claire x

  • Hi . .It’s totally understandable you’re anxious .It’s a challenging situation to be facing ! ..I found keeping busy on surgery day helped to keep my mind focussed on something else and I kept reminding myself that my husband was in excellent hands ..just as your Dad will be too …It seemed a very long day though and I was relieved when his surgeon phoned me that evening to fill me in on all the details ..As with any major surgery the recovery isn’t easy but with your support your Dad will come through it one day at a time ..

    Good luck and best wishes ..My thoughts will be with you and your Dad tomorrow…

    regards J 

  • Thank you JPM. It was especially hard to leave dad tonight. Just hated leaving him in the hospital knowing what lies ahead in the morning.. My aunty and I have stayed with him all afternoon and evening and had the opportunity to meet various people from his surgical and recovery team. Every person was lovely and the recovery specialist nurse was particularly positive about getting dad mobile again post surgery.

    It's going to be a long process and the next 24hours are going to be extremely tough but we are putting all our faith in the team around dad to help get him through it. Am saying my prayers tonight Pray

  • My love and hugs to your dad and all your family for a safe procedure and an expeditious recovery.

    Heading that way soon myself.

    Keep posting on how's he's getting on please.

    Hugs and best wishes.


  • Good luck to you when your surgery comes around Geo. The waiting is awful today so trying  to keep busy all day. Thank you for your kind words. I will keep you updated! Take care x

  • Good luck to your dad , and you for the surgery. Sending love and courage

  • Just an update. My dad is doing fine. The surgeon rang last night to say the op was as straightforward as it could have been without any obvious complications! A massive relief to hear those words. The nurse has said that dad was sitting up in bed this morning chatting away ( a very good sign!) and that he couldn't feel any pain. He'll be on a lot of strong stuff I'm sure.. He's currently on the HDU but may be moved back to the ward in a day or so.

    Next part comes the rehabilitation. His nurse will be getting him mobile a bit at a time so we will take that a day at a time. It'll take a lot of patience I'm sure, and a whole new normal to get used to, but so glad the surgery is over. Going in to see him this afternoon and can't wait! Good luck to you when your surgery comes round,  my dad has been in amazing hands to get him through the surgery as I'm sure you will be too! Take care x

  • Wonderful news! Good luck for the next stage.

  • Hi ..Such good news to hear this morning ..I can imagine you’re relieved the surgery is over …Onwards and upwards from now on for your Dad ..and you …There is light at the end of the just takes a while to get there Heart

    Regards J 

  • Hi CMJ78,

    What wonderfully good news. So happy for you and dad. I hope mine goes well when it comes around. 

    Regards Geo.