GP won't prescribe food supplements

My husband was very heavy prior to diagnosis and has lost about 5 stone since last December. He was on a feeding tube for 6 months, until 5th of June, when he had his operation. His weight was steady while on the feeding tube but since the operation he's lost another 2 stone. From all the info I've be given and from what I've read on line this is perfectly normal. I don't think I need to mention here how difficult it is to get him to eat enough. My worry is that our Community Nurse suggested that he be prescribed a food supplement and she spoke to our GP. who refused to prescribe supplements and said he'd prefer him to eat normal food.  This goes against all the dietary advice I've been given for him. He still has four sessions of chemo to come and that's going to stop him wanting to eat. Has anyone else's GP refused to prescribe supplements? and if so, what did you do about feeding?

  • Hi ..I would have a word with his dietitian  ..My husbands dietitian at the hospital sorted a prescription out for supplement shakes for him ..I order them on a repeat prescription every month through our GP …If you’ve no phone number for the dietician you can contact your husbands specialist nurse and they’ll get the dietician to contact you …Hope  this helps 

    regards J 

  • Thanks, I'll do that tomorrow

  • My husband had his stomach removed in Jan, he came home with Fortisips from the hospital, when I asked his GP for some more he would only give a weeks worth, I asked his dietitian and was prescribed them through the GP, so yes get in touch. Good luck x

    Sue Xx
  • I don't know what's up with the GPs but I'll get on to it with the dietitian. It's not as if the advice isn't there in black and white on the care instructions from the hospital.

  • Just an update to say that the Community Nurse was not happy about this and let us know she was going to contact our dietitian herself. 

  • As suggested, I would contact the dietician. 

    I was prescribed supplements by the dietician who contacted the GPs, so that supplements would be on a repeat prescription. 

    However, I had bad side effects that required medication, which the GP refused to issue. It was complicated and a series of bad timing, I live far away from the hospital and need to ask volunteer drivers to take me there. In the end the consultant had to write a letter to them, and a nurse to call the practice for the GPs to prescribe what I needed

    If the GPs refuse to do anything, contact your help line/ consultant ASAP.