Constant throwing up

My husband has oesophageal cancer and constantly throws up mostly mucus but sometimes semi digested food. I crush his pills to make it easier to swallow them but his makes it difficult to calculate how much he has lost and whether to give him more. The worst thing is that he is sick in the bed while he is asleep and I worry that he might get stuff in his lungs and cause pneumonia. Does this happen to anyone else and what does your doctor recommend you do about it. 

regards French Hen

  • Sorry to hear about your dad. Sounds horrendous for him.

    I have no experience of what's happening to him but if I were in your position I would buy calling Macmillan or his cancer nurses for support. They will have the answers you need.

    Best regards


  • Hi Sorry to hear your husband is going through this ….Am I right in assuming he doesn’t have a feeding line and still eating and drinking orally ? ….My husband experienced regurgitation during the six months he was having diagnostic tests and before his treatment started ..He was advised by his consultant to stop trying to eat and drink orally after they fitted him with a NG feeding line at first for around a month and then he was fitted with a less intrusive JEJ feeding line in his duodenum a month later during his laparoscopy .It was honestly a God send and helped tremendously..I would contact your  husbands specialist nurse and explain the situation..I’m sure they can help in getting your husband some assistance 

    regards J 

  • Thanks for your reply JPM. My husband has so far declined to have a feeding tube or permanent prothesis in his eosophagus while he can still swallow. His doctor has prescribed medication to reduce the stomach acid causing the reflux and an anti-emetic before bed. However it doesn't help at all. He is so badly sick in his sleep that I have to change the bedclothes evety day and I worry he may aspirate some if the liquid. I have made a new hospital appointment for next week but I just thought I would find out what other people say first to give me some ammunition for the consultation.

  • Has your husband had a stent fitted? My dad was throwing up mucus constantly and had one fitted eventually and it has helped with eating and stopping the ‘sickness’ a lot. I am sorry you are going through this. It’s awful. Big hugs. 

  • My husband has si far refused a stent as he can still swallow and feels it would be too invasive. He had had a bad reaction to surgical mesh after a bilateral hernia operation and feels the stent eould be as bad if not worse. We have an appointment at the cancer hospital next Tuesday to discuss it again snd I will let you know how it goes.

  • My dad had his fitted when it came to the point he was unable to eat or drink at all. It may have been better sooner. I understand your worry but in our case, though not a pleasant procedure, it helped dad to enjoy food again. For as long as that lasts, it has been a good thing. 

  • Thank you for the info, it will help us make up our minds when to accept the stenti