Recent Newbie As Found Out On Friday I Have Oesophageal Big C Word

“I found out last Friday I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer after a recent endoscopy although I don’t like that word The Big C as it seems so dooming and dramatic so mine is called Rommel and this Monty H is going to beat Rommel as the other Monty never lost a battle against the other Rommel Thanks to my recent zoom call to my Haematologist as I was born with Aplastic Anaemia sheas concerned after I said I been struggling swallowing for about three weeks and got chest pains and in my spine too so she urgently got an endoscopy arranged within two weeks and then last week s got my results and in three days got an appointment with my MacMillan Nurse at the local hospital within the General Surgery Team Haven’t got one super nurse but two how greedy is that  Got my CT scan on Sunday to see if it has spread elsewhere so we will see what treatment plan Monty H is getting after that The NHS and it’s staff as well as the MacMillan best in the world no doubt about it With my Aplastic Anaemia it’s going to be tough but am a fighter and been through worse so let’s get it done and sorted out In the mornings I have started playing Bring Me Sunshine and Positivity Thinking as soon as I wake up And all my other Rommel fighters you got this and will beat it as I will”

  • That’s the attitude, Monty!

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Hi Monty

    I call mine Alien, after the movie. I'm going to cast it out of my ship!


  • That’s a brill name You should play the theme of from the Onedin Line when you have beaten it which am sure you will Positive attitude with a smile and humour How is Sigourney these days lol 

  • Keep at it Brent you will get there and thank you 

  • She's ace, as always!

  • Hi Monty …What a fantastic fighting spirit Muscle …I’m positive everyone in this group is behind you and willing you on every step of the way ..I don’t think anyone r wanted to find themselves here but it really does help to share experiences ..My husband has  come through his treatment and surgery for Stage 2 OC …All looking positive but not heard the magic words ‘You’re cured ‘ yet …I think he has to wait another four and a half years years for that ! ….Wishing you well with everything …..Regards J 

  • JPM

    Awwww Thank you so much for your kindness Hope your hubby keeps hearing positive news and I has my fingers crossed for not only he but you and your families too as fighting Rommel doesn’t just affect fellow Rommel diagnosed peeps but their family and friends too Everyone has been so supportive and kind since I was diagnosed 

    it’s all new for me and having aplastic anaemia that was born with on top of this to cope with it’s going to be really tough as my blood cells red white and platelets are always a third lower from the minimum but I has the best Haematologist consultant money couldn’t buy whose consultation with me on our quarterly zoom call may have saved my life as she didn’t like the sound of my symptoms I describe I been having for three weeks She got me an endoscopy done within two weeks then last week after getting my results from it an appointment with the General Surgery Team last Friday to be told about Rommel and what happens next etc 

    Took a week off work as my GP thought it was a good idea as am exhausted from a slight lack of sleep that would be a bit harder as I work nights so needs a full rest really before the CT scan on Sunday Am still positive and philosophical about it all Had to be really as my blood disorder has always affected my health so always fought about that I was born with a rare syndrome only 27 or so people on last count in the world have my condition Aase Syndrome so hospitals treatment etc I been used to all my 55 years of life 

    Tell your hubby and you too keep battling as in four and half years time I want to hear you ringing that bell as you leave the Rommel ward for the last ever time This will be my bell I be ringing when I get the you are cured chat

    Good luck to you both and keep going Monty H