Hi , I finished my post opp flot chemo 3mths ago but it’s left me with really bad pins and needles in my toes ( nerve damage ) has anyone else suffered this and has anyone found any thing that helps 

  • Hi, So I finished Pre op flot back in Febuary and really suffer with neuropathy in my fingers and feet, I have been prescribed Gavapentin, this doesn't touch it and I have also tried a foot massage pad again no joy. I am now trying Nerve support formula after seeing a suggestion on the forums these are a dietry supplent of B1 and B12 and other vitamins which are reported to help with the nervous system, its early days for me to say if they work or not has I have only been on them two days, however  I will warn you they are not cheap.

    I tried my Onocologist but there wasn't much help he coud offer he said it's not something that can be treated, I am hoping my post op chemo might somehow correct things but i know this is wishful thinking.

    Good luck with finding some relief and please post if you do. 

  • Thank you for reply ,yes my oncologist wasn’t much help either, you would think there would be a simple cream or something, o well I’ll keep looking and yes if I find the holy grail I’ll definitely post it 

  • Hi my husband developed numbness in his toes several weeks after finishing pre op FLOT. His fingers where he did have the tingling etc are fine but his toes where he had no nasty sensations during the chemo are now numb. His oncologist is a bit concerned by this as he told us that the nerve damage if severe can lead to problems with walking and be long term/permanent. Because of this he’s reduced one of the FLOT drugs to 80% and recommended acupuncture which my OH is receiving weekly. He’s just started post op chemo (Monday) so too early to say but there’s no tingling so far, only nausea! 

  • Hi Ade123, My Husband suffered the same numbness in his fingers and toes, he used to end up wearing gloves, there isn't a cure for this problem, as far as I know. Thinking of you.

  • Thank you , yes it’s strange there doesn’t seem to be anything that helps 

  • Hi Ade, sorry to see that you've been left with what must be a shite condition after fighting and going through so much already. Life's just not fair is it Pal.

    Obviously, feeling for you Pal. Hoping that's there's something around the corner that will help you.

    I bet you've tried everything though. We have one of those, "Revitive Medic" machines that stimulate the nerves in your legs and feet. The wife's uses it to help her arthritis. I don't if that would help you though. There's another gadget called a TENS machine that's used for nerve stimulation.

    What about some form of homeopathy like massage, heat or acupuncture? 

    Hoping I side swipe this one Spent 6+ hours in A&E last night. Crazy pain all over. I think it's those injections you have to give yourself. Just wanted some pain relief. Got seen initially very quickly and then just put in a side room for five hours waiting for a doctor. Eventually just signed myself out. I will contacts the gi nurses for a script in case it happens again.

    Anyway, bye for now pal. Keep talking the pulled.

    Regards Geo.