Memory loss

HI, just wondering if anyone else gets memory loss/poor concentration a lot?

Its my partner has/had the cancer finished treatment and im finding this a bit frustratiing, I try not to but I find im repeating myself a million times and while in work having to text a lot all day to remind him of things.  Hes only 47 and its starting to worry me a bit.  Will it go back to normal is it just too soon after treatment (flot Chemo Flt, all ended Sept 23 so 8 months ago approx.

Any advice greatly appreciated


  • Are you really sure that it is related to cancer and chemo? 

    I would be seeking another diagnosis from your GP to find out what's going on.

  • HI SamanthaN

    I had the same after my chemotherapy and there are just signs it is getting better. My chemo finished in Aug 2022. I still forget names and sometimes zone out a bit. I don't concentrate on books or tv programmes like I used to. Everything can be a bit fuzzy sometimes. My family noticed it at first and they have said that it is getting a bit better. I spoke about it at my check up last week and they didn't seem too concerned. I make a lot of lists now as otherwise I forget things. I read a book last week and that is the first time for months. Unusual for me. I am definitely not as focussed as I was before chemo.

    My advice is for him to have a chat with his GP or cancer nurse to check whether it is a known side effect for his particular chemo or if he is on any other medication whether it is to do with that. 

    Hope this helps


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  • HI, yeah pretty sure it is and getting worse, at hospital soon for 6 month review so not long to wait to ask about it I guess.  Thank you 

  • HI Jane, yes thats like my fella, the zoned out bit is exactly how he is and its getting worse I think.  I heard before it can be related to chemo.  We are at hospital on 20th for the 6 month review with the consultant so will def mention it then.  He dosnt take any medication anymore only Creon which is just to help absorb the food its not really a medication.  His chemo finished Sept 22 so not long after you, fingers crossed it will get better for you also. Thank you for the reply

  • Thank you Jane at least I know its a "thing" probably nothing too serious atm.

  • Hi there!

    I had treatment in 2018.

    The memory loss or brain fog for me has not yet gone and I don't think it ever will.

    You just add coping mechanisms into your daily life to cope with this.

    I could multi task before but I can no longer do this.

    I can't read a book because I can't concentrate. When I write emails, I know what I want to say but I type it incorrectly. Even in conversations I know what I want to say but it comes out wrong. Sometimes I put the hob on and forget till the smoke alarm goes -- I no longer walk away when 8 have the hob on.

    It would be nice to hear from those who have had some success in improvement of this.

    I have just taken that its a side effect if the treatment i have had. 

    I have spoken to the gp but its blamed on sleeping issues. I don't think there is any help out there. You just get on with it.

    This used to be a cancer for the elderly but now it is affecting the younger generation.

    In the past not alot of notice was given to memory issues as the elderly had these issues but its alot more noticeable in the younger generation and I haven't found any treatment to help.

    Kind regards


  •    thank you for this reply, that makes sense to me, im not sure he realises how bad its got but I certainly do as his partner.  Its a bit scary.

    He keeps asking me where things are and they could be literally sitting infront of him.

    I can tell him he has an appointment then he will send me a text to say he is going out somewhere and completely forget a few hours later.

    Its a lot of small things I guess nothing major atm but I did read about dementia settting in and that is petrifying.  I will ask about it at his appointment next week but like you say there isnt much help once treatment is over.

  • Hi

    i had my last chemo mid March this year and definitely have this.  I am 50 so relatively young for this cancer.  It drives my husband mad and upsets me at times especially when I can’t find the right words or forget birthdays etc..  I live by my diary (not something I owned before) everything goes in it and I look at it several times a day.  I will have to go back to work soon and it really worries me.  
    I also asked at the hospital and was told that chemo can alter some of your brain activity, coupled with fatigue which affects how you concentrate, it is a known side affect.  As others have said I was advised to put in place coping mechanisms, take naps if you can and give it time. 

    I hope the 6 month review goes well. 

  • Definitely a thing ! I absolutely have this too, post chemo. My Wife can ask me to make her a cup of tea or I’ll offer to make her a cup of coffee and it never comes as by the time I get to it, I’ve forgotten it ! Use a notebook in meetings and calls at work now as my safety net (am 45, so similar age) and all manageable. Brain is a muscle so exercise it a lot with puzzles, Sudoku, Wordle etc and it helps.