Constipation after chemo


Just wondering if anyone suffered with constipation during FLOT chemo treatment? My dad just had his first cycle on Wednesday  and hadn't managed to go to toilet since Tues. He's been in agony today with pain as he's been unable to go. It was terrible seeing  him suffer. I got him dulcolax which he took last night. Then this morning he had to have a suppository, which still didn't help things to move. I'd rang the emergency chemo line and they prescribed sachets to mix with water ( like fybogel) . Eventually this afternoon he managed to pass it. He's absolutely exhausted now, but he's worried this could happen again. He's been on a lot of anti sickness meds and taken codeine lately which can all have an effect. I've urged him to drink lots and lots as he is probably dehydrated too. I just wondered if anyone has had this happen and if so how have you managed it to avoid future episodes like this? Thanks x

  • Hi I am on targeted therapy chemo and I take daily senekot and dulcolax advised by the oncologist. This seems to do the trick. 

  • Thanks for sharing TinaB24. My dad has senna tablets which I got for him so will try those daily.

  • Hi there!

    My husband and kids made me drink a fruit smoothie each day and I also eat more fruit and prunes etc. I didn't each much and water tasted very salty to me when I was in chemo. Everything tasted awful.

    I did get very constipated after the op and it took 2 suppositories to get the bowels working.

    I hope he gets a combination of meds that will help him.

    Kind regards


  • I made my husband drink smoothies made with Kefir. He used to suffer from constipation due to opioid but he never had constipation since he started kefir.