Dad's first FLOT cycle

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My dad started his FLOT treatment yesterday. He had a Hickman line inserted last week in preparation for the chemo. One of his drugs is given as an infusion over 24hrs in a canister, so it was all linked up and he managed through the night OK (I stayed with him). However, this morning as dad was going past the bedroom door, the tube connecting the drug to his Hickman line snagged on the door handle and pulled out the whole line! We were both a bit shocked but tried not to panic. I rang his unit at the hospital and we went straight up. Dad will need to have the line re-inserted  next week. He's also woke up today with a bad headache and pain where his tumour is. He's taken painkillers but not sure if they having enough effect. I know dad is probably starting to feel the realities of chemo and what it could be like. He's upset about the line coming out but I've tried to reassure him it will be sorted. Has anyone else had this happen? I just don't want dad to get into a real negative mindset. Plus he quite shocked at the amount of tablets he's having to take ( he's already taking heart meds), but he's now been given anti sickness tablets and has to take steroids for 3 days around his chemo treatment too. I just feel for him so much but I'm trying my best to be positive saying it will all be worth it in the end! I know there's such a long way to go yet though...

  • Hi cmj, must have been really worrying for you both pulling his line out like that. 

    It's a good job you're there for him. Imagine how he would have got in without you. Your doing a great job by the sound of it so don't go putting yourself down.

    My wife is looking after me but she too is poorly with arthritis. I know she worries a lot but doesn't say much. I think that's got my benefit. I'm pretty ok about and upbeat my diagnosis. 

    It's fully understand that he's upset about the line being out. I have my staging laparoscopy tomorrow. My GI nurse just rang me to see how I have been which was lovely of her but she's saying that the results may not be back on time for them to discuss things next Wednesday which will mean another week of waiting. 

    I just want to have it all over with so each delay is really frustrating.

    Good luck to you and your dad. 

  • It’s certainly nerve wracking when the chemo starts ..I can’t comment on the line coming out but Im sure it can be sorted ..I can suggest upping your Dads fluids as chemo is dehydrating and maybe that could be causing the headache ? My husband was averaging four pints of water a day during chemo as well as juices …all administered through his JEJ line ..I’m sorry to hear your Dad is in pain ..maybe have a word with his specialist nurse to see if something can be done ..We weren’t  prepared for the amount of medication brought home after each cycle either but it’s something we became accustomed too ..Hope all goes well from now on  ..You’re doing a great job in supporting your Dad 

  • Thank you JPM for your advice. Funnily enough he was recommended to drink  more fluids ( which he just has now) but thank you for reminding us!  There's so much info thrown at you, at times it's hard to keep track. All we can do is take each day as it comes and deal with things as and when they happen. I agree the tablets do seem overwhelming, but we just have to compartmentalise them. Thanks again, you take care too.

  • Thanks GeoFerret, I hope everything goes well with your laparoscopy. It is frustrating waiting for things, I remember when we were waiting for dad's PET scan results. It was awful. Wishing you well  on your journey.Pray