Severe Diarrhea


Wondering has anyone any advice on severe diarrhea, this is not dumping syndrome but 2 days of constant diarrhea n I mean nearly non stop?  Surgery was nearly a year ago 7 chemo ended in Sept, dumping syndrome is an issue but last few months has really calmed down.  This has come out of the blue n my fella is doubled in 2 unable to walk and only out of bed for toilet, im getting worried now we cant get it stopped he has taken tablets for it and toast with banana.  I think I will have to ring the Dr as it says online it can be serious for someone with a low immune system.

Just thought I would see if anyone has any advice on this

Please & thanks x

  • Hello Samantha,

    I am sorry to see that your partner is suffering from severe diarrhoea. It must be making him feel very miserable and cause  you both concern. Diarrhoea can be a side effect of treatment or can have other causes such as infection. (I know this from my own experience) 

    I do think that it would be wise to call his doctor and get some advice. 

    I had severe diarrhoea and stomach problems after my chemo and radiotherapy and in the end the doctor was able to prescribe a series of medications that managed to get it under control. They were also able to advise on how to take them eg; 30 mins before eating. As you say it can be serious for someone who has a low immune system and I found I could become dehydrated very quickly. 

    While you wait to hear from the doctor I have put a link here with some advice on managing eating problems and there is a section with advice on diarrhoea about half way down the page.

    Tips for managing eating problems | Macmillan Cancer Support

    I hope that this helps and that his tummy settles soon. Please let us know if you need anything else


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  • HI Jane

    Thank you for your reply, he got the Dr this morning and has to leave some samples down, she also thinks it could be a severe infection and suggest he may need an anti biotic but hasn't gave him any..  Now they are closed to Tuesday so its going to be few days before we know anymore.

    Thats a great help I will have a read over your attachments.


  • I am glad he has seen the doctor and hopefully he will get prescribed the correct antibiotic. It is miserable though- there were days when white toast was all I could cope with. Main thing I was told was to keep fluids up and call for help if I couldn't. I hope it eases for him soon


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