Dad's pain with oesophageal cancer


My dad has oesophageal cancer and is waiting to start his first cycle of FLOT treatment on 26th of April. Last Thursday my dad complained of pain in the area where the tumor is (just above his stomach in lower part of oesophagus) I rang his specialist nurse who advised to try codeine, or if pain got worse to take him to A&E which I did. After a 5 hour wait, which included bloods taken, temp taken and ECG. The nurse who consulted with the gastric team concluded it was related to the cancer (they ruled out other things from his bloods). Dad took the codeine which seemed to help but I know the pain scared him as it did me. I wondered if anyone else has has pain with this type of cancer and is it normal? How does anyone else deal with it? I hate sering my dad in pain like that.

Claire x

  • Hi Claire, I have been diagnosed with the same cancer in a similar area. I haven't started any treatment yet. Have a meeting on Wednesday to see what can be done. If anything.

    I don't have pain, just a feeling that something is stuck near the center of my chest. It's more uncomfortable after eating but is there all the time. It started like an acid reflux type of heartburn around the end of February with endoscopy and diagnosis on 20th March. CT scan and Pet scan within a week of that.

    The feelings you are having are all natural. I'm sure you love your dad deeply and seeing him poorly, well you're bound to be concerned and looking for answers.

    I haven't told my son's and daughters yet because like you they will want to know what's coming and I don't have those answers myself until Wednesday. I didn't want them worrying unnecessarily. One of my daughter's have me a hug in the garden yesterday as she was leaving. I think I must have sqeazed her a little harder and longer than normal and she immediately picked up on it and asked if I was ok. I could have broke down right there but instead kept it together and lied to her, telling her I was ok. From the following texts she sent me it's obvious she is now very suspicious. I have arranged to go around for tea after my appointment on Wednesday and then, having the answers will come clean. Just knowing that it will bring her world crashing down is more upsetting to me than having the cancer.

    How do I break it to her? It won't be too bad so long as they tell me it's treatable with chemo, op and chemo. But what if it's worse news than that? 

    How did you find out about your dads condition? Is there anyway to pass on news like this that easier for your family? I'm dreading it. All of my 6 children are grown up by the way with families of there own and 11 grandchildren between them.

    Just be there for your dad when he needs you and sometimes when he doesn't. I feel overjoyed when any of my family turn up for a visit.

    My best regards to you and your dad for the future. I hope the chemo goes well for him. Please keep posting. Sorry for ranting on but it helps letting some stuff out on here.

  • Hi Geoferret

    I'm sorry for all you're going through. Telling family must be one of the hardest things to do. When my dad had his first endoscopy I went with him, so I knew as soon as dad found out what it was. This was the end of Feb. We were told that day that they had found something abnormal. It was a blow to both of us. I don't have any siblings, my dad lives alone (my mam passed away 9 years ago), but I live next door to him with my husband.

    You will probably feel a sense of relief once your children know ( whatever the outcome) but I pray for you that something can be done to help you. I would guess/ hope that all your children will pull together and lean on each other to support you. You have a big family around you and that will be an enormous strength and support to you in the coming months.

    I will keep everything crossed for you on Wednesday, and hope you get to the bottom of your pain. It's so upsetting to see the ones we love suffer in any way. Take care, try and stay positive and keep postingPray

  • Hi CMJ78

    My husband had some very intense pain, from his chest right through to his back, this was where the tumour generated his pain. He has always been a person with an extremely high pain threshold, so to know that he was in insurmountable pain was a very difficult thing to watch. 

    After his first round of FLOT, he immediately began to improve, so I do hope that  your Dad has the same experience. 


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  • Thank you for sharing your positive news Lowedal. I will hope and pray that dad has a positive reaction to the FLOT just like your husband. Pray