Breathing spasm after chemotherapy

After my first 4 rounds of flot I started noticing that my lung would inhale every now and then from some kind of automatic nerve reaction . 
Iv gone through my surgery and am now noticing it happening more frequently ! 
I can just be sitting or laying and my body just takes a sharp breath at any time automatically.  
Is this affects of  flot  has anyone experienced this or have any ideas . 
thanks mark 

  • Hi Wave

    I haven't started any treatment yet so can't really answer your question. However, I do that occasionally now, even before my diagnosis I did it now and then. No idea why it happens though. I've always assumed it's just my body needing more oxygen and finding a way to do it. After all breathing is controlled by the brain. It's something that's controlled automatically not voluntarily.

    If you're overly concerned call your support nurses and ask them. If anyone has come across it before and has the answer it will be them.

    Nice to hear of someone on the mend after surgery.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Mark, I do that and I haven’t got Osophagus cancer, it does make you wonder why you do it doesn’t it. The reason I’m here ..My husband has stomach cancer he had total Gastrectomy in Jan and doing fine.

      I believe you’re under Notts hospital, my husband had his surgery there and couldn’t fault it one bit. He didn’t have chemo as surgeon said they found over 75s don’t do so well with it. A bit scary but it is what it is. Good luck for your appointment (is it Wednesday?) hope you get some good news Xx

    Sue Xx
  • Hi Sue thanks for your post and your good wishes. I'm actually going to the Derby Royal but I'm sure they're great too. 

  • Ahh sorry, I read your info and it said Notts, Good luck anyhow xx

    Sue Xx
  • Hi Sue your right it did say Notts but that was for my Pet scan. I've been to three different hospitals do far.... Laughing.