Weight gain - Fast?

HI people, just wondering has anyone gained A LOT of weigh after having the surgery & chemo?

My partner had his surgery 5th May 22 so nearly 1 year ago and finished chemo in September, he has gained about 4 stone and climbing.

We do go to the gym a lot and he was always big and muscly but hes as big if not slightly bigger than before he got sick, im worrying it might cause him some issues.  The surgeon & dietician are saying hes the mystery man they have never seen this before.  He feels great as thats how he wants to be but im worrying it will cause his new "piping" some damage or something, maybe im overthinking??

Any advice would be great, thank you x

  • How unusual? Did he have half his stomach removed and the other half pulled up? This was my surgery in June last year and I was 3 stone overweight and lost this 3 stone in the five months afterwards and haven’t put it back on (which I’m glad about)! Does your partner not experience the full up feeling in chest area after eating half of what he would usually consume?  I’m eating much more over past 3 months but can still only have small portions when I have my main meal or it would come back up again. If I drink too much of any liquid such as cider or lager on an evening I can’t eat quite as much the following day.  I’m intrigued to hear more? 

  • HI, yes thats the surgery he had also so afterwards was very hard and he still gets dumping syndrome at times, he will maybe have a couple of good days then a bad day where hes always at the toilet but this isnt even stopping the weight gain.  He is back at the gym and eating healthy as we have a holiday booked so 3 decent meals proetin veg and rice or potatoes/omlette that sort of thing and he will have 2 shakes also like protein and cream of rice (which does help put on).  He does get that feeling in his chest at times still if he dosnt space the food out enough or eats too much in 1 go.  He lost probably 3.5 stone also so has all that back on again and a bit more.  If he drinks too much he will feel sick like you say or may throw up but if we are having a drink at weekends he would try not to eat too much as he cant do both together still.

    He has an app with dietician soon so we will see what she says this time, I think he might get shouted at, maybe told to cut back I just dont know was wondering if anyone else is the same (always hungry)

  • Hi Samantha,

    That is weird - I hope I don't put the weight back on, feel good at this weight now!  I keep weighing myself every day as some days I eat more than others and have eaten a fair bit of chocolate every day lately which seems to go down well with no repercussions!  I get a bit peckish when I haven't eaten for a while but I obviously don't have stomach rumbles where it used to be anymore, I just know I have got to eat.  I can't eat or drink at same time either though.

    Other people at my support group who had the operation years ago say they never get hungry but know they have got to eat 

  • Yeah thats what i seem to be readying a lot, can find anyone who is the same as him lol! 

    Ah well il take the positives that its all going well anyway and hope for the best..

    Good luck in your journey Slight smile

  • Thanks, you and partner too