I'm in the initial process and awaiting confirmation of the prognosis of OC. I don't understand why I don't seem to feel anything in terms of being upset or angry. Is this normal?

  • I have been shocked at my reaction to my diagnosis, not sure if I am in shock or denial.

  • I can remember my reaction… disbelief, denial, numbness.

    I went fishing the next day. To see if I could get my head round it. Nope! 
    By telling family and friends about it it slowly became real. So I don’t think I became angry or even upset, at least not for myself. I was aware that others found it more difficult than I was finding it.

    I became focussed, determined and even optimistic that I was going to beat it. I had my surgery 3,255 days ago (nine years ago all but a few days) 

    so I think dealing with it is very individual much like grief.

    Be positive, learn about it, the process, the treatment, the options. Ask questions, keep notes, make your specialist nurse your new best friend!

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Hi I agree with the comments below.   My husband didn't show anger neither was he upset.  I think it didn't sink in for a number of days.  Just gradually.   Again when telling family and friends.   He tried to just focus on what the medical experts said in order to just get through the treatment plan.  Good luck

  • Thank you for responding. I think it has started to sink in. And BrentS thank you, your comments have just renewed my optimism after realising the journey my family are about to embark on. Yea it's sinking in, I'm going to sign off now, but I'm focused and determined to make everyday count. BrentS you have given me the unmeasurable gift of hope. Thank you all. As Arnie said "I'll be back!" :)    

  • I felt and still do the same as you. Maybe I come across to the consultants as blaze. Although diagnosis was confirmed in February I’ve only just told family & friends. Telling them I was a tad sad ie a few tears. Other than that nothing. I don’t believe I’m in denial. I’m just  accepting that it is what it is. I’ve been offered surgery and I’ve yet to give an answer.

    I wish you comfort on your journey 

  • I was diagnosed about a year ago and I am now post chemo and op but still recovering.  I have felt quite numb throughout, very few tears, no real anger just a general feeling of sadness when I am on my own.  When we told my step daughters they cried but I couldn’t.  

    I feel like I have just had to concentrate on what I need to do to beat this cancer and get through the treatment and also show others that they don’t need to be sad it’s just a bad time that will pass.