Lost My Partner to Cancer of the oesophagus feeling heartbroken

Hi everyone, just want to share as I’m writing this heartbroken right now . My partner sadly lost his 18 month battle to OC. He was a fighter at that, however he struggled from start to finish being un operable from the word go. The news never got better I’m sorry to say. The tumour was too aggressive and took over him. He could barley drink water in the end . He battled through 2 x lots of chemo then 10 consecutive blasts of radiotherapy. Non of these worked for him . Just prolonged the suffering, I do wished I had a more positive post, as I’m a very upbeat person so was my partner . This illness is cruel to witness … I’m at comfort knowing he isn’t suffering any longer. 
I will be attending his funeral soon . This is hard to write . He was a lovely man with a heart of gold . He will be missed by his children and myself very much . Although he struggled to come to terms with his diagnoses and all the pushing away he did to me , to save me from the pain of watching him deteriorate he clearly didn’t want … he came around and we made the most of each passing day , we went to the park most days even though it was only for 15 mins , we enjoyed the time spent just talking about anything … I’d give anything to have him back I really would . 
Thank you for reading. Anyone  else going through this please take care and look after yourself too xx 

  • Sorry to hear this, take care of you now 

  • So sorry for your loss, this particular cancer is difficult to diagnose that’s why it’s on the increase. In a lot of cases it is often difficult to treat. I think GP’s should be more aware and stop treating it as acid reflux as they did me. 

  • I was so saddened Heartbreak 123 to read this message. I’m sending you much love and a big hug. Heart

  • I’m sorry to hear that are you doing ok ? 

    Yes they should refer people not keep putting it off . My partner was actually saying he was blocked and that he was throwing his food up. He suffered for months of ill treatment from his GP. I even took him to the hospital on two occasions, they gave anti anti antacid tablets again, refer back to your GP if mo changes then when you do your GP tells you that he doesn’t usually put the camera down until the age of 55 !! Hilarious statement I know . My partner didn’t meet the criteria on the tick box form to be referred he said in my meeting with him. It’s an awful way to be treated like your just a statistic. 
    we paid nearly 2 k for a private consultation with am endoscopy in the end to get answers . My partner has worked hard all his life and paid into the NHS ! Who clearly have failed him in every way possible . I strongly feel that G P need training on cancer in general there’s too many people being mis diagnosed now it’s on the rise massively and it’s the trauma you could do without at the start it’s the patient who’s left with the anger and resentment plus the family too . SO GPs PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT AND START  REFERING YOUR PATIENTS. DO YOUR JOB YOUR PAID TO DO !! 

    STOP FAILING PEOPLE!!!! Not all GPS are the same mine are very good . 

    IM SO ANGRY Rage  

  • Hi,

    I just want to say that I'm very sorry to hear what you're going through, and to wish you all the best. It's an unbearable thing to be dealing with, but I hope you have family and friends around you who can help - definitely lean on them!

    Stay strong, and remember all the good times!

    I'm sending you my best wishes.

  • Thank you Pray yes one day at a time. Christmas will be hard, as we always chose our own Christmas tree Christmas tree we used to have it chopped down … lovely time we shared Cryand that’s never going to happen again. 

  • So sorry to hear your news. Take care

  • Thinking of you and his family at this time. 

    My sincere condolences 


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