Life after feeding tube

Hi I have just come of the feeding tube was wondering if anybody else has just had their feeding tube out and how they are doing?

  • Hi Mindya

    Thanks for sharing your news, how are you doing?

    There have been others on here who previously had a feeding tube, so I want to bump your post up in the hope that someone else comes who has an experience to offer you.

    I do hope that you are doing ok 


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
    Tomorrow is not promised but it always has potential. Aim for your potential!
  • My tube fell out on Monday night! I hadn't used it for weeks so it's not an issue. Just waiting for it to heal up now.

  • Hi got tube out last week it was lovely I know it was important to have it  wasn’t very pleasant having the upset belly in the murnin they  are  keeping’ a eye on my weight  I have maintained my weight it’s been hard my appetite is comming back  never thought I would b in this position  and I am thankful I am comming out the other end it’s been hard but the doctor told me last week this cancer takes a lot of determination and grit to get through it I have cramps in my stomach sometimes but I’m getting there my scars are healing lovely .

  • Been on my tube Since June, starting treatment within next 2 weeks, been put on steroids 5 days, just wish l could eat normal, was diagnosed T3 N1 m1, caught covid in hospital, would like to hear something positive 

  • My husband had a NJ feeding tube fitted during this staging lap at the end of January. Started chemo at the beginning of March. We stopped using the feeding tube after the first dose of chemo as he was able to eat (largely) normally again, it took us many phone calls to get it sorted, but they took it out Friday. No looking back, his quality of life has improved massively as his body had started to reject it.