So tired

Had chemo on Friday cams home with a bottle for 24 hours was fine started the injections last night feel so tired and ache every where today is this normal 

  • Hello Madnessfan,

    I am sorry that there have not been any responses before now, I had seen your post but had hoped someone with a similar experience of your treatment might answer.

    From reading previous posts created by others on this forum, and by watching how my husband reacts to treatment, it is a hit and miss process, with some periods of the treatment being easier to deal with than others. 

    Starting chemo can be difficult, the not knowing exactly what to expect, wondering if what you are experiencing is right, but regardless of what anybody else experiences, it will still be different for you and I am sorry that you have experienced some difficult side effects, how are  you feeling now?


    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.
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  • Tiredness is part of chemo just listen to your body and rest. If you are on folfox so with the pump. I found you will be tired at the start of the cycle and get better and better. Embrace the siesta and let your body rest and recuperate.

  • "Tiredness is part of chemo just listen to your body and rest."


    There are different chemo treatments and different stages of each in our own differet conditions. There is no one answer that suits all. Just hear that tiredness can be part of the reaction to chemotherapy, and, if you feel it, then it is real and you should respect it.