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Just wondering what peoples experience have been with waiting for CT scan results. I Had my 2nd CT scan back on the 12th April and was booked in to see my consultant on the 30th April. However at just after 4pm on the 29th my appointment was cancelled as results were not back.

I spoke to a nurse the next day and the backlog had gone from 3 weeks to 6 weeks !. What's also annoying is that I won't get put back onto the appointment list till the results are back.

A quick google search shows most private CT scans are returned in a week and a friend of mine in Germany who is also having chemo, had his scan on the Friday and had the results back and an appointment with his consultant on the Tuesday 


  • I think it takes longer than that in this country, unless you go privately. My first one took about 2 weeks, 2nd slightly longer and I had a third less than 2 weeks ago not back yet. That is in West London. It may differ elsewhere 

  • Hello

    After being  diagnosed with oesophageal cancer I had a CT scan and my result were back within a week. I have just had a PET scan and MRi scan and have been told the results should be back within a week to ten days .  
     I hope this helps


  • My 1st one was back in less than a few days for initial diagnosis. perhaps its a Shropshire NHS issue then.

  • Hi Steve

    Porstmouth NHS, Have you contacted your GP to support pushing this along? I had a CT scan which wasn’t back at 2 weeks so they booked me in for a Pet scan to save on time. We should not have to, (I feel very lucky that I haven’t had to) but shout from the roof tops. Contact your local Macmillan centre? Hope it gets sorted for you. 

    Regards Jennie Sparkles

  • Hi

    hope you got your scan back. I have an appointment with my oncologist on the 21st so assume the scan will be back by then !

  • My husband had his scan on the 22nd April and we are still waiting for results today(4/06/24) getting ridiculous 

  • That's just not acceptable Disappointed

  • I know it’s awful, apparently they are receiving 100’s of ct scans a week and can’t keep up with the requests. Had mine back last week, so hopefully you will get yours back soon