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  • Hi, my husband was originally staged with T3 N3 M0, he was offered the FLOT surgery sandwich as his M number was zero. After surgery he was re-staged to T4a N2 M0. Our surgeon said it was that surgery didn’t improve the outcome and you would go through all the surgery and recovery for no increase in life expectancy. They can sound cold when they say that, but their clinical decisions are based on hundreds, if not thousands of cases. Have you been offered immunotherapy? They should have done genetic testing to see if established drugs would be effective. It would be worth asking if they haven’t mentioned it. You can stay on that for as long as it’s working. With regard to swallowing, the chemo helped my husband eat again. There is also the option of a stent if it becomes troublesome again. I know we weren’t in the same position as you, but I hope this helps answer some points. Take care, Steph

  • Sorry to hear your diagnosis, my thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

    My dad was diagnosed with oesophagial cancer stage 4 like yours in November 23 he's had 6 rounds of capox which is what he was offered, he has a stent fitted as the tumour is long. 

    He is now waiting for immunotherapy and scope and stent extension. 

    It's tough. He had ct scans after every 3 rounds and is still awaiting results of his ct after his last chemo.