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My husband's chemo has been postponed for a week as his neutrophils are too low. We've been told by an American friend in cancer recovery, to whom this also happened, that low neutrophils is a marker and shows the chemo is being effective. Can anyone confirm or contradict his? Would be good to know as we're desperate for some hopeful sign after a delay of 8 months to treatment starting ...

  • Hi  . I'm not from this group but have had my fair share of chemo. Low neutrophils are common with chemo and I had a few delays myself. In extreme cases they can medicate, but generally they like things to recover naturally. I was told the odd week delay should not make a great deal of difference in the overall treatment. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you for responding. All set for next week as they've risen, 

    Best to all. 

  • Hi When I had my first cycle of chemotherapy I too was informed my nuetrofils were low and was advised by the receptionist on the chemotherapy unit to drink green tea for two to three days before you have you bloods done before chemo and this will boost your neutrofil count. It worked for me but I think green tea has an acquired taste that I haven’t got

    i hope this helps and best wishes to you and your husband


  • Thanks for this (didn't notice earlier - apologies). B is fed and hydrated through a PEG so can pump in green tea without him having to acquire a taste for it! Worth a go.

    Hope you're feeling better as well.