Last Flot tomorrow, CT scan on the 1st Feb

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I have my last FLOT tomorrow, 4 in all, I have also have 2 rounds of Carbo and Etoposide. I have my CT scan on the 1st Feb as they plan is to operate so I have fingers and toes crossed they I will still be on this pathway.

The Flot has been tough as people say, the Oxy-legs were terrible!! the two week turn around has given me about 3 days of normality. I would like to thank those that offered side effect advice as it really helped me to be proactive with the Meds.

The change for me is  from Oct to early December I was not able to eat food, shakes only. I am now eating normally, I have attempted spicy food, like a curry Heart eyes. I find I need to eat more often or I get like an empty discomfort, not sure what that's about?  My sternum feels sore sometimes also? fingers crossed these are gastral related to the growth but I guess it must of shrunk as I can eat.Grinning

I am so looking forward to some weeks without Chemo but also apprehensive, it will be back to that waiting place, and this is it, which pathway? I wish I had not been told IT was high grade, this bit really sticks in my head!!Fingers crossed

What lovely blue skies I have in the south at the moment, beautiful Sunny

  • Hey Jennie Blush Pleased you have got through it. Good luck and best wishes for the next stage with the scan.

    I have round 4 of FLOT next week and can definitely identify with some of what you’re saying.

    The pain in the sternum you mention… I say to my wife it must be the treatment killing the tumour. I guess in mind I believe it too. My eating improved also which must be a sign it’s shrunk right?

    That empty feeling has been ever present for me too. I feel like I need to constantly graze. Maybe it’s because we were struggling to eat before and are enjoying the freedom Raised hands Curry seems to be the celebratory meal from who I have interacted with on the forum haha

  • Thank you for your reply, good luck with your 4th round. It is good to share and even better when someone has similar symptoms, reassuring Sunglasses. I like that, "it is the treatment killing the tumour" Do you take Omeprazole, I take 20mg a day, I asked if i could stop as no reflux or regurgitation of food anymore, the DR said not yet.

    My Consultant said, you will know before us if the treatment has shrunk it, going from not eating to eating is the good sign. Dizzy

  • Thank you Blush Be glad to get it over with and focus on the next part of treatment.

    I take Lansoprazole 30mg twice a day for reflux. I’m thinking it’s good to keep up with it as a preventative measure. The acid can’t be any good for the tumour I guess.

    With all the pills and side effects I get why you would want to stop taking some of them Grimacing

  • I’m due my third cycle of FLOT tomorrow. Like yourself, my swallowing improved from shortly after first cycle. First proper dinner in ages was my Christmas dinner which was the best gift I could’ve asked for. Was out for a curry and a few pints on Saturday and it was just delicious. Made me feel ‘normal’ again. I have a date for my properties chemo assessment PET scan on 15th Feb. Looking forward to having my 4 cycles done and PICC line removed and being able to get myself fitter and stronger for my surgery in March. Good luck for your treatment path 

  • “properties” should read “perioperative”. My phone has a life of its own sometimes lol

  • I do hope this is true; "My Consultant said, you will know before us if the treatment has shrunk it, going from not eating to eating is the good sign."

    I am on chemo round 2 and I only had slight eating problem which seem to have totally stopped. I even nearly forgot anything was wrong except for chemo side effects.  I have 3cm tumour at base of oesophagus, spread only to lungs but very small polyps. No surgery for me as Stage 4 but every optimistic will just shrink,.

  • I am on the 8th day post last FLOT and oh boy, feel knocked for six, no pain in legs or hands just that horrible pins/needles numbness. Now need to work on my fitness as I feel so so unfit and won’t pass fitness for the OP as I am, I am eager to feel some normality! Does anyone else feel like everything just stopped, just feeling sorry myself and impatient Stuck out tongue winking eyeAs I said before CT on the 1st and have the surgeon apt. for the 9th, going to escape to a forest lodge on the 5th, I haven’t drank any alcohol since September, I’ve not felt like it, so looking forGrinningrd to the hot tub under some stars with a glass wine, Bacardi maybe Grinning.

    how is everyone else doing? 

    anyone else on instagram, opacancercharity have been sharing some good educational info. 

  • How are you after your 3rd, I am impressed you went for a curry, I haven’t tried yet, chicken dansak if my favourite!  Yes can’t wait for the pic removal. Good luck for you also cool blue. 

  • Glad to hear your last FLOT is over and done with. Can’t wait to be in the same position. Mine is next Wednesday so I’m on Day 9 of Cycle 3. Tried to do a little tidying up in the garden earlier and had to come in for a lie down. Like yourself, my fitness level has really taken a battering. Short walks is about all I can manage these days and  generally  not even that from about Day 4 to Day 8. Top goal once I’m over Cycle 4 will to be start building my strength and fitness levels back up. I find the hardest part of the FLOT are the days of lying aBlushund not able to do anything and how slowly the hours seem to pass on those days. I have my PET scan booked for 15th Feb so, like you, I have everything crossed that there are no changes to my treatmBlusht plan and my surgery is still able to go ahead. I also have a little trip planned for the 20th Feb - a wee two night spa break. Always good to have some wee treats to look forward to…Blush

  • I have just added a sparkling brunch to our trip. 34yrs married at the end of January I cannot imagine how a person would do this journey on their own. Yes so tough when in bed or just sat, well done for doing some gardening, I have an allotment, it will just be strawberries and raspberries this year, I have the veg plots manured and covered ready for next year. The biggest activity I miss is walking our husky, sunrise walks at our nearest beach, stokes bay. That’s aim in the next coming weeks  

    good luck with your last treatment, keep that positive vibes rolling. and enjoy your spa trip.