No easy way to say but the cancer is back

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Hubby diagnosed oesophagus cancer  T2 N1 M0 Oct 22, 4 rounds of FLOT completed 1st Feb 23,  ivor Lewis surgery 28th March 2023. Restarted next round of FLOT, 2 more to go. The surgeon's,  onogology and the lovely macmillan nurses at kingsmill hospital are brilliant. But wasn't prepared how life changing this operation would be. But fingers crossed everyday is a bonus to have my hubby. Jan 24 started to loose weight, Feb finally got appointment with surgeon,  ct scan and endoscopy, 20th Feb ct scan done. 5th March call to come in maybe a leak. ( if only) no easy way to say it. THE CANCER IS BACK. apparently in lymph nodes. Tomorrow got appointment with onogology prey there is hope as at this moment, hes feeling like hisworld's ended, but he want to live.

  • Hi Deb 62 

    So sorry to hear this ..It must be extremely  difficult to take on board .I think a recurrence is something that lurks in the back of all our minds ..To go through all the previous treatment and surgery to then be told it’s come back must be devastating

     .My husband was told the first three years post surgery are the most critical years in which a recurrence can happen ..He's now 15 months post surgery and every little ache or pain brings the thought of a recurrence to the forefront of our thoughts ..

    Im sure your husbands medical team will do everything in their  expertise to treat your husbands recurrence…Never give up hope as treatments have come a long way in recent years and people can come back from the most adverse medical situations .

    Sending my best wishes and positivity to you both 

    regards J 

  • Thank you for your kindness,  its such a shock,  never ignore any pains etc as we kept saying to his surgeon and finally got a ct scan. So just waiting to see onogology for our options.  We are going to fight this. 

  • That is devastating news. It’s so much to go through for this to then happen. Wishing you and your husband all the best and hope that your meeting with oncologist provides options and possibilities that are not as bleak as those you probably currently imagine. 

  • Thanks for your reply,  is so bloody hard at this moment. I feel so helpless. He was admitted to hospital yesterday as temp 38.8 could hardly breathe,  now on antibiotics and all sorts which will now but back any chance of chemo he wanted to try.  Sorry for the moan,  no one to talk to except for this group x x

  • Hi ..I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through a hard time at the moment ..We are all here to listen ..We may not always know the solution but we can be here with a listening ear for you at anytime …Whether it’s a rant ..moan or cry you must unapologetically get it out of your system .

    I remember that helpless feeling and not knowing what to do …Every time we had a setback along the way  I had to keep reminding reminded myself  that everyone was doing their best to help and this time would pass  ..It’s just so damned hard at times !  I think everyone on here would agree It’s truly a rollercoaster of a journey.

    Hopefully this time will pass soon and your husband will be back on his treatment path Trust his medical team as they definitely know what they’re doing ..

    Take care and look after yourself too 

    regards J 

  • Deb62. So sorry to read of your husband’s set back in his fight against this rotten disease and the impact it is having on the two of you. I have been a regular reader of this forum since my diagnosis in May last year,  and it took me a long while to post my own story but all I can say is that the people on this forum are here for you. Thinking of you and hoping that your husband soon turns a corner and begins to improve. With love, Julie

  • So sorry to read this, as J says I think reoccurrence is on all our minds in the background. Try not to lose hope even when things seem so dark. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts. 

  • Thank you Julie, just so hard. 

  • Im very sorry to hear this, can I ask what the pains were as everytime my partner has pains im freaking out..this must be sole destroying for you