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Hi all.

I'm not really sure where to start so here goes. 

My father has just been diagnosed with Oeseohagal cancer, it was all going so well, hospitals were keen to try and hit it with chemo, and even a chance of getting rid all together.

Since then he has had a PET scan and that shows it has spread to one of his kidneys. It's hit us all like a ton of bricks, I read this morning no one expects it to happen to them or their family, and isn't that the truth.

I really don't know what to write or what to expect, I guess some answers from people who have had or had relatives go through this just fir a bit of support.

I have a young family of my own but me and dad and always been like peas and carrots. We are all trying so hard to stay strong as he is, currently it was his last day of work yesterday, also a hgv driver. 

Other than the diagnosis, currently he is still fit and well which kind of makes the diag unbelievable. Of course we know its true and this is really happening. 

As I mentioned I don't really know what I'm saying it would just be nice to ve around people that are In the same situation as us all. And I believe this is the right place.

Thankyou all

  • Hi,

    My husband was diagnosed with OC at the end of December, that day turned our world upside down. He had CT scan, MRI and then PET scan which showed spread to liver. Last week we were told it would be palliative chemotherapy, we meet with oncologist on Tuesday for treatment plan. My husband is 56 and has always been fairly fit, never smoked rarely drinks, just like you we have been devastated by this.

    Since I joined the forum in December I have had lots of support and made some true friends.

    We are all going through this nightmare but are here for each other.

    All we can do is talk and stay strong.

    Also read the positive stories, chemo and immunotherapy can do wonders.

    All the best.

  • Hi, so sorry to hear you are going through this. I am in a very similar situation to you. We thought it was treatable but found out last week it has spread to Dad’s stomach, so now the operation is off the table and we are told it’s stage 4. How much life can change so quickly. Sending love xxx

  • So sorry to read this ! It certainly is devastating to hear Cry  you're come to the right place as this is where I personally find comfort whilst my husband Andy Continues his journey Pray Everyone is so friendly and supportive I hope it helps you too

    Stay strong 


  • Do not give up hope! I was diagnosed with OC cancer which had spread to lungs end of Oct last year. They said Stage 4 incurable. Up to 6 rounds of chemo recommended, no op. Starting round 4 this morning and had CT midway through round 3. My OC tumour has shrunk and no sign of cancer in lungs anymore! Keep positive throughout, if you can.

  • Hi Rosiecat 

    That's great news, glad to hear treatment is working well for you.

    How have you been with chemo?

    We will never give up hope.


  • Hi Rosiecat. That’s brilliant news. So pleased for you. Always great to hear good news stories

  • Hi Rosiecat 

    It’s  always good to hear good news ..You’re right in saying never give up hope Heart

    best wishes  J

  • Thanks for all your kind thoughts everyone, I am forever hopeful. Angie - rounds one and two chemo (Cisplatin one day in 3 weeks then tabs capcitabine for 21 days) were OK except for exhaustion for a few day after day 5. No 3 was worse, never seems to pick up properly after Day 5, walking around like a zombie but did manage to get stuff done.

    Yesterday was Round 4 and he has reduced strength of the tabs after the good news but I was 7 hours in chemo, what with the chemo only 2 hours but other stuff surrounding it, never quite sure what it is Potassium to start for 2 hours, then nausea stuff for 30 minutes, finishing off with 2 hour rehydration. I am sharing this as you asked and thought it might be of interest to some. This is at Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith, London. I cannot fault the treatment there although I nearly lost the life yesterday, thought I would never get home, I seemed to be first in and last out but them I should not complain and some others there have to go for a few hours a week and take pumps home. I am very grateful.

  • I know how you must be feeling.My wife was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer on valentine's day.She has had a CT scan and PET scan was yesterday.We are awaiting the results of this and praying that Muscle hasn't spread and is treatable.We have just retired and this has come as a massive shock.Stay strong Muscle

  • Hi Rosiecat,

    So good to hear how well your chemo is going, its lovely to hear positive stories.

    Do you know what treatment you will have after chemo?

    Best wishes Angie xx