OC cancer spread to liver

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Hi Vonn/Amanda,

We met with the consultant yesterday and after reviewing all the scans we were told the cancer has spread to the liver.

They won't be able to operate now, we meet with the oncologist next to discuss treatment plan.

Tony is a fighter and will never give up.

I am utterly devastated but trying to stay strong.


  • Oh Angie

    I'm sorry, this isn't the news you wanted to hear especially after being told that the liver spots were nothing to worry about.

    I hope you don't have to wait too long to see the oncologist to get a treatment plan. The waiting is so difficult. 

    Try to stay positive. I know it's hard. As you say, Tony is a fighter and he can do this. It's going to be hard but you'll all get through it. 

    We're here for you. 

    Amanda x

  • Hi Angie

    So sorry to hear that news it must be so difficult for you both. I'm sure they will get a treatment plan in place very soon. Tony has the right attitude to never give up which must be so hard sometimes when you are facing something like this.

    Try to stay strong but if you ever need someone to talk to you have friends on here to support you ok. Also there are the wonderful people at Macmillan who are there for us all.

    Wish you and Tony all the best, and Tony keep fighting fella you can do this.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Dean and Amanda for your kind words, I know I have friends on here which is really good to know.

    Has anyone on the forum had spread to liver, so I know what treatment plan is ahead?


  • Hi Angie

    You are very welcome, I think it really helps that we are all here for each other. Fighting cancer is tough for everyone, the person that has it and all supporting family and friends.

    Best wishes


  • Tony and Angie is not alone. They both have me (their daughter) to support them both through out it all. Tony is being stronger than us both. Unfortunately we like to Google and look at stuff. We all just want answers now. We feel helpless as we wish we could just take it all away. 


  • Hi Kayleigh

    That is so lovely to hear well done you as it must be difficult for you too.

    I too looked at Google when first diagnosed and yes big mistake but you can't help it as you say you just want answers.

    You just have to trust the specialists they are amazing and will support you all

    Take care and try to stay strong

    Best wishes


  • Oh angie I'm so sorry to read this Cry  please stay positive Heart️  always here if you need to chat Heart️  sending positivety. 

    Take care and stay strong 


  • Hi Angie, my husband was diagnosed initially with four lesions on the liver measuring 9cm, this was following a trip to A&E on 24th November last year, there was a blockage showing at the bottom of the oesophagus and following an endoscopy confirmed a tumour measuring 2cm. 37cm from incisors, he is T2N2M1, meaning it is also in his lymph nodes. We also later found out he has a nodul on his left lung. Prognosis was 3 months, with chemo 9 to 12, as you can imagine a healthy man, who went gym classes 5 times a week and ran it knocked us for six, not a smoker, liked a beer but generally active and hardly ever poorly.
    On the 15th January he started chemotherapy and a week ago had his second lot, he is having it every three weeks over 18 weeks. He has two in hospital immunotherapy and pembrolizumab and then has three tablets 1150 mg every morning and night of capecitabine. 
    The chemo hits him hard for about 11 days and then slowly he recovers just in time to get the next session, a blood test is done four days before to make sure the white blood cells are back up otherwise it would get put back. My husband is 60, he was working on building sites until the day of his diagnosis. Good days and bad. Hope this helps you slightly, it’s all the unknown. Feel free to ask me anything if it helps relieve some anxiety and the unknown. Once you get you appointment with oncology they are normally very swift, it was the getting to that point where you feel in limbo xx

  • Hi Angie

    Have you read Lowedal's blog? I think you might find that helpful. 

    Thinking of you all,


  • Hi Blossom 01

    That sounds like a really rough time for your husband and so sorry the prognosis isn't good.

    I'm only 58, fit and healthy too and it hit me hard when diagnosed. I asked why me, have a physical job, cycle a lot and don't drink that much or smoke at all

    It just comes down to bad luck I guess. I do feel lucky though as 4 rounds of FLOT and an op have put me in a good position. 4 more rounds of FLOT and hopefully I will have beaten this. If I do will never take life for granted again.

    I wish your husband all the best and hope his treatment goes well.

    Best wishes