New kid(lol i wish) on the block

Hi all. Ii hope everyone is ok and as well as they can be. Im a 54 yo old former Sales guy for an an industrial supplies company. Every day was a busy day.  And before this i was a biker(and i miss i so much PensiveMetal) I was diagnosed last october after a few seizures, and had my tumour removed in november, leaving me with a lovely scar to be proud of on my head. Docs were amazing. Iv had radiotherapy, and still ochemotherapy, which have taken their toll. But im still here, and fighting on. and with my wonderful wife and family . I have now resigned from work as due to lack of balance, no left peripheral vision, and loss of concentration. But there is only so much tv, and so many films you can watch. So after 30 odd years of work, daily schedules, im lost for things to do. Sounds daft i know, but im at loss. Dont have the dexterity and concentration or puzzles which is annoying as i love puzzles. Just wondering what everyone else does (i also dont have a garden sadly

  • Hi Ddran sorry you have had to join our group.  I am not up as far as my head yet.  I stopped at my nose or where my nose was,  I am 67,  a wife, mum and grandma.  I was found  to have cancer of the nasal cavity and had my op on 17 March 2020 radiotherapy got on lockdown and my husband suffered a detached retina at the same time. I had surgery on the 17 March at Norwich and he had surgery on the same day in Ipswich.  I came out of hospital because of the Covid the next day.  It was a difficult time as I was in bed and he had to lay on one side a certain amount of time everyday.  I had radiotherapy during June and am pleased to say up until now the cancer has gone.  Im just waiting for an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

    I have to say what lovely bunch of people I have met on here so far. Very kind and helpful. They stop that fear of feeling of being alone in your battle. There was s always someone who says “hello”; and someone  who knows well what you are going through. 

    Trish x
  • Hi trish, glad to hear you're on the. Up, its amazing what radio and chemo can do. 

  • Hi Ddraig

    Congrats as your two months younger than me !

    Hope your OK, sounds like youve done similar, I had the business I own and got it sold by end of July and I'm totally bored, nothing seems to be going on, i feel that every day starts finishes and nowadays I'm beginning to think how long will this remain. 4 months ago i developed  a globlastoma with a level 4. Like you I had to sell my cars and some of my bikes, ive still got two bikes and simply wantt to keep em although im through the no driving through the hospital people,,

    I hope you can make a great day and you have the enjoyment of any thing you can make 'sorting' stuff out !!

    Best, Delmar789

  • Hi Draig,

    i hope your doing ok. I finally have a CT Scan appointment to check the bone density in my face regarding the attaching of the magnets. The plastic surgeon worried that they had left the bone that’s between my eyes a little short. So hoping they find otherwise on the scan.  I will be waiting for a date for the surgery to go ahead then as he has my top lip to sort out too.  I have had a lot of nerve pain in my face and where the Surgeon who did the Rhinectomy has pulled the skin too tight so I’m having something done about that too.  This nerve pain has nearly driven me mad.

    I hope you have found something to occupy yourself with as I know you were struggling before. 

    Christmas getting closer and I still can’t get in the mood for it. I feel too exhausted as the nerve pain has stopped me sleeping on many occasions.  I also feel like I have had a cold.  I don’t know if it was, as it’s difficult to tell without the nose. But it’s receding now so hopefully I can get myself into gear before christmas. I think I was like Scrooge last year haha.

    Nice to hear from you,

    Take care,

    Trish x