A slow emptying /ejecting gallbladder on nm Hida scan & stim, riddled with gallstones & exhausted & nauseous

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Hi there

I just wanted some advice. Have had incidents of severe pain starts back at bra fastener and comes round front. I almost pass out feel nauseous almost throw up but don't. Have lots of gallstones and had nm hida scan & stim yesterday & been told that gallbladder is emptying at low % so less than 50%. I'm 52 & have had 9 pf these incidences since October & was ambulances in for 2 as they thought it was heart attack. Have had mrcp & mri & ct etc. I'm losing weight & generally feel exhausted (sleeping circa 12 hours per day) & like ive morning sickness all the time. It's not Sphincter Odi disfunction.. But I'm worried it's cancer. I'm back with consultant next Wed & wanted to know if anyone here had these kind of symptoms. Also my neck glands are sore. ALT levels are elevated... But they haven't done tumor marker bloods as they say they haven't reason to.... Thoughts & experiences welcome. Sibling had grade 4 lymphoma & prostate cancer but thankfully got through so I guess I worry. Also it's taken ages to get this far (8 mths) as at first due to severity of pain they had to rule out coronary. I also got vaginal bleeding after 3 of the last incidents eventhough I'm menopausal. Any ladies that can share their symptoms I'd be grateful to hear. The HPB specialist doesn't want to take out gallbladder in case it makes it worse. Thanks all. 

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    Sorry to hear about this, is does sound really very difficult and I totally get the issue with a long delay between onset of symptoms and actually finding what is happening and possibly a cure or at least some help with managing what is going on.

    Sorry to to hear about your sibling though good to hear he got through his issues. 

    Don't know I have any advice except to say you know your body better than anyone else so it is important to remember to advocate for you.



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  • Thanks Steve appreciate your response. You have been through so much yourself and yet give back... Thank you :)