Metastatic Gallbladder cancer

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Hi. My mum has gallbladder cancer spread to the liver and lining of abdomen and bile duct. 

She's on chemo. The cancer is shrinking! Just wondered if there's any options to remove any cancer if it shrinks?

  • Hi,

    It's really good to hear the news that your mum's cancer is shrinking, sounds like the chemo is working which is ace news!

    I would advise you to give her CNS (cancer n a ring 

  • (Sorry I pressed enter by accident).. but I was trying to say give her cancer nurse specialist a ring and ask if she can advise you about any possible surgery maybe, or alternatively ask to speak to her oncologist.  They would probably be best advised to answer your questions as they know your mum's case I imagine.  

    I hope she's doing ok? I know in previous posts you said she wasnt well at all, hopefully things have improved for her xx


  • Hi collete. Yes I meant to ask yesterday at her appointment and forgot.  How are you doing? 

  • I I meant to say she's still sick. We think it might be coming off the steriods ? Have you ever had that? They think its the chemo but it seems to be when off steroids. Even when no chemo ? 

  • I'm really well thanks xx

    • No I didn't I just had terrible nausea the whole 6 months of chemo, it was  constant. 

  • Ps you can always ring and ask questions, they are usually very helpful xx

  • Oh really. How did u Manage with it? Did anything help?  Did you have a break from chemo after the 6 months ? 

  • I just took lots of steroids and anti sickness tablets, I ate a lot of ginger products and lemon sherbets, it was really tough.. my chemo has been what is called adjuvant chemo, unlike your mum I have always been lucky to have surgery to remove the tumours when they have metastasised to my peritoneal cavity and bladder. This means the chemo was just to try and mop up any remaining cells x

  • Ah I see. I will speak to the doctor and see. I thought they weren't doing surgery because its metastasised. Maybe because it already did before she was diagnosed? Not sure.  The doctor is consideriRofl stopping the Cis chemo as that's the sicky one. But she's half was through and don't think she wants to. After another 3 cycles she will drop the cis anyway to just have gem and immunotherapy. Did Roflhave a similar experience? If so when the cis was stopped Did the nausea subside?  She's not had chemo for 2 weeks now though and still being sick now and again. So not so sure its the chemo.  SorryRoflo many questions See no evil