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Hi everyone. 

As I said in another comment I was diagnosed with Gallbladder cancer while on holiday in Australia. My gallbladder was removed there and it was at my Fit to Fly appointment I found out about the cancer. 

Since I’ve been home I’ve seen a specialist, met the MacMillan team who work with him and been told I’ll be having part of my liver removed and Chemo after that. He sent me for a PRT scan and it showed nothing else up. Also after my surgery in Australia I took a vaginal bleed for two weeks and had to be red flagged for it too. 

I saw the consultant for it on Friday past and I’m delighted to say all is clear there too. I’m so relieved. I know they won’t know for definite until after my surgery if they’ve got everything but I feel very lucky to have had both scans showing nothing. I’m 57 and my daughter is getting married in July 2024 so you can imagine how I felt hearing the ‘C’ word. In fact I think I’m still partly in shock and I was told on April 17th. 

Finding this group and reading all your comments has really helped me and it’s great to know I’m not suffering this alone so thank you all for that, whether they are good or not so good. I’m over in Northern Ireland so as you can imagine there are even fewer of us gallbladder cancer sufferers here. 

Alison xx

  • Sorry meant PET scan lol Joy 

  • Hi, Alison 

    Do you know the stage of your cancer? I was diagnosed as Tb2 N1, before the liver resection.  Fortunately, my liver is clear, but they found cancer in 2 of the 4 lymph nodes. I've had ct scans which show no Mets, but I am on 6 cycles of capecitabine orally. 

    Greetings to Northern Ireland from Northern New Mexico!


  • Hi Allison. So happy for you! I am still in the "tomorrow CT scan, but symptoms point to gallbladder cancer "...

    So, can I ask you to tell us what we're your symptoms?