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Hi I'm a mum to 2 little ones I'm 35 I've just been diagnosed with gallbladder cancer I'm having chemotherapy treatment through IV after the courses I am having surgery to remove the whole gallbladder, I'm still in shock and I'm finding it difficult to even talk about it with family. I'm taking it one day at a time, it would be nice to talk to others going through a similar situation and I think it would help me and others.   

  • I'm so sorry,  Lotte.  This is a rare and scary diagnosis. I am much older, 78. There aren't many of us, as you can see. It is helpful to connect with those on this forum for support.

    They removed my gallbladder first, and discovered a tumor, T2b. Then I had a liver resection and lymph removal, where they found 2 cancerous lymph nodes.  I will start chemo next week.  I hope I will have the 5 year window that is possible,  but who knows.

    Best wishes for you and your family, 


  • Bless you Thank-you so much. I have 6 courses to shrink the tumour then surgery to remove all of it to be honest I was just in so much shock but I'm going to take it day by day I will definitely use the forum Thank-you kind regards sweetheart 

  • Hi Lotte. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I totally understand how you feel. I was on holiday in Australia recently when I took ill. I was admitted to hospital with E-Coli and Sepsis infections that they felt were coming from my gallbladder. Once they got the infections under control they removed my gallbladder by key hole. The recovery from that surgery has been good. But when I went to see about my fit to fly certificate to get home, they told me there was cancer found in the gallbladder. I’m 57 by the way.

    Now I’m home and found out yesterday I’ve to have a part of my liver removed along with some lymph nodes then some follow up Chemo. They say this is to ensure everything is removed and to help stop the cancer coming back. It unfortunately can’t be done by keyhole and will be a major operation. I’m telling you this in case they decide to do the same with you. If it was me I’d want them both done at the one time to negate the need for 2 operations close together. 

    However I’m staying as positive as possible and only thinking of the surgery for now. I think it’s the only way to get through it. Small steps and not trying to jump to conclusions we don’t know yet. 

    I'm so pleased to have discovered this community as apparently we are in a select group of 1000 people per year in the UK who have this type of cancer so supporting each other is so important. I’m happy to chat to you or anyone, anytime if it helps. Big hugs Hugging  

  • Hi, ali64

    My situation is similar. I am recovering from the liver resection now, and I agree that it is best to have both surgeries at once, but I wasn't that fortunate.  I am 4 weeks out from the liver resection and will start capecitabine chemo on the 15th. I am 78 and who knows how I will respond to the chemo.

    This is a lonely cancer but it is great to have connected to several members of this group.  I am in the USA, and there is no current forum that I have found.

    Stick with us!

  • Hi Lotte apologies for the late response but I've just come home from a fortnight (holiday) in France and I'm just catching up with things.

    I'm so sorry you've joined our small (elite as I like to call it) gang, it's not a gang any of us expected to join and more so for one so young as yourself. 

    So,  I'm Colette and I think I'm right in claiming to be the longest member of this group, it's 7 years for me since I found this community page.  I was 46 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 gallbladder cancer or GBC (quicker to type) in 2016 after having my gallbladder removed because of gallstones. 

    So my story is different from yours but very much the same as others really. I had liver resection surgery and once I was healed I went on to have 6 months of chemotherapy. This was a belt and braces approach to try and mop up any rogue cells.. for me it did the trick and I was GBC free for almost 5 years until it came back a few times, I won't bore you with all that but a few surgeries and another 6 months of chemo and at the moment I'm showing no evidence of disease. I'm monitored every 3 months (CT scans bloods etc) but that's because my last tumour/surgery was only in July last year.

    Anyway I know it can be a really lonely cancer to have and a there isn't a great deal of literature about GBC but everyone is really friendly on this page and we will do our best to listen and try our best to give you a safe space to chat xx

  • Hope your recovery is going well? Slow and steady and hopefully totally uninteresting xxx

  • Awwh bless you. Stay strong I am literally taking it one day at a time I've had my second course of chemo today. I really think the treatment makes you feel more ill than the cancer but it is what it is, I'm trying to stay positive especially for my kids, I hope you are doing well hun always try to Stay positive in yourself we are warriors no matter what  sending love and strength 

  • Hi I'm sorry you have to go through this it really is a shock when you first find out but remember to stay strong and positive , I really appreciate your reply this group we have is so supportive and i do find it easier talking to people who are going through the same thing it can be difficult opening up to family I find sometimes sending love and strength 

  • I genuinely feel like one of the lucky ones, ive had 3 primary cancers (GBC thyroid and ovarian) and to be honest I'm alive I'm relatively unscathed except for a few scars and extra pounds ha ha... Keep a positive outlook, definitely only take one day at a time, but most importantly be kind to yourself x

  • If you are interested (and no pressure) I started a blog about my experiences living with cancer, I wanted to raise awareness of it to be honest as there is so little out there about it all. It is warts and all, a bit sweary too but you're welcome to have a moi h if you like. It does read backwards though so earliest posts are about the start of my GBC life to present day.