Adenomyomatosis or gall bladder cancer

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Hi, I’ve recently had a scan and it has shown a thickening of the gall bladder wall. The scan results were given to me by my GP which he said was adenomyomatosis a benign lesion. Now of course I’ve gone straight to Google to find out more about it while I wait for a consultant appointment (I know I know I shouldn’t) and I’ve read that gallbladder cancer can be misdiagnosed as adenomyomatosis. So of course I am a little worried. Has anyone had this? Should I be  asking more about this when I see a consultant? My symptoms are heartburn,pain in my upper abdomen extreme fatigue and pain under my right shoulder (I’m not asking anyone to diagnose me just trying to find people who’ve had similar experiences) oh and I’m waiting on results of a suspicious mole that’s been removed so I’m probably just being over sensitive at the moment. Thank you for reading.

  • Hi Joelene, I'm not sure if I can be of any help but have found this group so kind. Yes, of course you should be talking to your consultant about anything that is worrying you. In the meantime, why don't you book a conversation with a Macmillan nurse who would be able to advise you in a far more measured way than Google! You could talk through what questions to ask the consultant and see if you can find out how the tests and results would be different for each. I hope you plan to take someone with you to the appointment as it's so hard to remember what is said. All good wishes