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Looking for some light in the darkness. Am so so frightened  & lost - feel like giving up.

Diagnosed with gallbladder cancer after routine keyhole op to remove it. Spread to liver & aorta lymph nodes in stomach.

incurable and inoperable. Given 6 months, option of gemcis chemo to extend my life to poss 9-10 months. 

It’s all such a shock as feel well. I don’t want to leave my daughter motherless & the grief hits me like a tsunami. I work for a hospice and am so scared of dying.

counselling starts January but everything stops for Christmas.  
not sure what I’m looking for here as I know it’s rare & aggressive - but anyone in the same storm who might help me keep putting one foot in front of the other 

  • Hi  I am so sorry about your prognosis.  I can't imagine how scared you must feel.  

    There are situations where people are only given a certain amount of time to live and despite the odds some survive a lot longer so don't give up and don't stop fighting.  You never know when a new breakthrough in treatment might come along so if I were in your place I think I would take the treatment that would extend your life.

    It's a long story to explain why I was researching near death experiences but for one reason or another I was and it made me realise that dying might not be something to fear or be worried about.  I am also religious so that further helps me but the near death experiences that I listened to on you tube where not all religious experiences and the people who came back from being medically deceased for varying lengths of time all say that they now no longer fear death. Maybe watching some of these might help you with your fear.

    The worry about the loved ones you leave behind is understandable and hopefully your daughter has other family members to help and support her.

    Keep fighting and hopefully you prove the doctors wrong because there is always hope.

    Sending big hugs x

  • Hello Frightenedmama, so sorry to be reading this post, there is a group on here for incurable cancers who should be able to offer better advice, i would on the whole choice for more treatment even if its a short time as it could be longer. Im so pleased you have been offered counselling as it will hopefully help you come to terms with the news you have been given. Maybe someone or a relative has been in a similar situation and will come along with more helpful advice. Sorry i cannot offer better advice, take care.

                                                                                                     Chris xx

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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