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On 11 December I had an ultrasound following referral from GP due to pain on right side of stomach and back. After my scan I was told by the lady that I had a gallstone but there was also some worrisome tissue and that I needed to contact my gp urgently ideally that day and they would be sending the report straight away. 

I called my doctor who explained that there was a 2.1cm gallstone and a 3.6cm vascular growth on the wall of my gallbladder. My gp said they were concerned that the growth could be cancerous. My gp made a referral on that day for a CT scan and I was told I would be seen in the next 2 weeks. I had a CT scan on 17 December. 

I met with a specialist nurse on 23 December who explained that the CT scan confirmed the ultrasound and that everywhere else seemed clear according to the CT scan.  The specialist nurse explained that a multi discipline meeting would take place on 30 December to discuss my case and whether my gallbladder should be removed through keyhole surgery at the local hospital or whether I would need have an extended operation where liver sample and lymph nodes are taken at the Nottingham hospital.

I received a phone call on 30 December from the assistant of the specialist nurse to say that the decision of the multi discipline meeting was to remove my gallbladder via keyhole at the local hospital.

I am not sure if this decision should put my mind at rest. If there is a risk of the vascular growth being cancerous should a sample of tissue or lymph nodes not be taken?

I really am worried and would appreciate some guidance.

Thank you

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    It's natural to worry that the right decision has been made for your treatment but the only people who will be able to explain their decision is your hospital team. To put your mind at rest you could call the CNS (clinical nurse specialist) and ask her for the decision behind removing your gallbladder and not doing biopsies.

    Do come back and let us know how you get on


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  • Hi LKB I can see your post is from some time ago so you may not still be on the group.I am ina similar situation and just wondered how the gallbladder removal went and if possible the out come. Thank you.